CDS moves forward with Mizzou Market changes

Mizzou Market-Southwest will serve as a temporary 24-hour replacement.

Mizzou Market-Hitt Street will remain open until spring break, through the ongoing construction of Pershing Commons.

“While Pershing Commons undergoes construction from January through December 2012, Mizzou Market-Hitt Street will be open with normal hours and services until March 24, 2012,” Campus Dining Services Marketing Manager Michael Wuest said.

A ramp has been placed as a temporary entrance to Mizzou Market-Hitt Street. Freshman Kassandra Breen said the new entrance has not been bothersome.

“To be honest, I’m not affected," Breen said. "I only go to Pershing for Mizzou Market, and the temporary entrance isn’t that inconvenient."

Breen, a resident of Defoe-Graham, said the closing of Mizzou Market-Hitt Street will be slightly inconvenient.

“It’s more expensive than a Hy-Vee, but it is great for when you need medicine or a quick snack or hygienic necessities,” Breen said.

Freshman Anna Puhl said she doesn't mind the construction.

“I have the same issues with Mizzou Market as other students do," Puhl said. "They should take meal plan points. But as for the construction, there isn’t anything I would change. It’s nice that they are updating it before it starts to fall apart.”

After construction is completed, changes to Mizzou Market-Hitt Street will not be noticeable.

“You won’t see any changes inside the Mizzou Market," Wuest said. "It’s all behind the scenes, in the ceilings, etc. There will be a new loading dock area.”

While construction is completed, the convenience of a 24-hour Mizzou Market will not be absent from campus, Wuest said.

“Mizzou Market-Southwest will convert to a 24-hour service from March 24 through May 11, 2012,” Wuest said.

Wuest said CDS had a reason for choosing Mizzou Market-Southwest for its temporary 24-hour location.

“Mizzou Market-Southwest is within a five-minute walk from South, Center, North, Jones, Lathrop, Laws, Greektown, Hawthorn, Galena, Dogwood, the hospital, the rec complex, etc.,” Wuest said. “We are already open until 2 a.m. most nights, so it was an easy decision. This will allow us to see if a 24-hour operation could be supported on that side of campus."

There were also reasons for considering Mizzou Market-Southwest over Mizzou Market at the MU Student Center.

“The Student Center closes too early for 24-hour service, and there may be some security issues with having that building being open too late,” Wuest said.

Puhl said Mizzou Market-Southwest, which is located in Center Hall, might not be convenient for her.

“I’m not sure if there will still be a convenience,” Puhl said. “That’s a long walk. I would probably be better off driving to Hy-Vee.”

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