Chancellor's Diversity Initiative adopts new Student Ambassadors program

The Student Ambassadors program is set to start next semester.

MU's Chancellor's Diversity Initiative is beginning a new Student Ambassadors Program, which will give students the opportunity to represent CDI at various diversity-related events across campus.

Interim Chief Diversity Officer Noor Azizan-Gardner said the idea of the program is to allow students to get more engaged with diversity programs and events on campus.

"Students are incredibly creative, and there are many ways that students can present us with ideas they want to do with regards to diversity," she said.

Azizan-Gardner said CDI ambassadors will attend events, blog and work on projects about campus diversity issues.

"One of the ideas that we have, and we will present it to students, is to do a video project on the cool things you can do with diversity on campus or a video collage," she said. "The whole idea is to get students more engaged."

Another component of the program is student outreach. Azizan-Gardner said she would like to see the ambassadors bring their peers to events on campus.

"It's kind of intimidating to go (to an event) by yourself, but by having a few students go together, they will feel much more comfortable," she said.

The program was created through student feedback, Azizan-Gardner said.

"Our marketing director came up with the program when she was working with students at Summer Welcome and student fairs," she said. "Many of the students approached her asking to get involved with the Chancellor's Diversity Initiative."

Azizan-Gardner also said the program will allow many more students to get involved with CDI. Only a handful of students work with the program, she said.

According to CDI's website, students chosen to be CDI ambassadors will be expected to commit one to two hours per week to the program and be a part of it for at least two semesters.

"We are looking for students who are passionate, interested, and curious about different kinds of people," Azizan-Gardner said. "(Students) who have a lot of energy and enthusiasm.".

CDI is accepting applications through Dec. 1.

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