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Gunman rapes woman in West Berkeley attack

Police are on the lookout for a man who raped a woman at gunpoint in West Berkeley, Calif., on the morning of Feb. 11.

The rapist might be the same person responsible for a "battery with sexual connotations" earlier this month, police said.

The victim was walking on Delaware Street when a man confronted her with a handgun, Berkeley police Officer Joe Okies said. The man forced the 29-year-old woman into a secluded area, where he assaulted and raped her.

In the earlier incident, a man with a matching description approached a woman who was walking near Martin Luther King Jr. Way. He talked to the woman, who did not respond.

The assailant followed her to her house and tried to grab her when she tried to go inside, Okies said. She fought, escaped and fled inside the house, where she called police.

Both crimes are under investigation.

— Daily Californian (U. California-Berkeley)

Duke law students fight military recruiting act

A handful of Duke University Law School students circulated a petition earlier this week to raise awareness about a law that forces universities to allow on campus military recruiters who might exhibit discriminatory behavior.

The students who drafted the petition are members of OUTLaw, a group advocating discussion and raising consciousness about legal issues involving sexual orientation. They presented the petition to Capt. Susan Kim on Tuesday as she interviewed about 18 law students for positions as Judicial Advocate Generals, who would represent the U.S. military in legal matters upon being hired.

Students who are openly gay cannot apply for these posts because of the military's controversial "don't ask, don't tell" policy. This actively opposes the non-discriminatory stance that universities are committed to upholding.

— The Chronicle (Duke U.)

Montana stores sell liquor to minor" aren't fined

An investigation by the Missoula, Mont., Police Department revealed that 39 percent of liquor stores in the city didn't comply with underage drinking enforcement laws, but none of those stores will be fined during the first round of compliance checks, Lt. Rocky Harris said.

A University of Montana student under the age of 21 helped the MPD conduct the checks, which were made possible through a $20,000 grant from the Montana Board of Crime Control.

When asked for identification, the student provided his real driver's license.

"In some cases, clerks who had identification scanners that notified them of the underage drinker overrode the alarm and put in a different date of birth in order to sell the alcohol," Harris said.

Rather than issue citations and fines, Harris followed each compliance check on a business with a letter informing the business of the date and time of the inspection and whether the clerk had passed the check.

— Montana Kaimin (U. Montana)

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