Columbia resident organizes rally in support of DACA recipients

Columbia resident organizes rally in support of DACA recipients
A protester finishes making a sign before the Rally for Dreamers Columbia/Mid-MO Sunday.

Columbia resident Devin Grayson hosted the Rally for Dreamers Columbia/Mid-MO at the Boone County Courthouse Plaza on Feb. 25. More than 150 people came together to support the rights of DACA recipients. The rally featured four speakers, including Democratic candidate for Missouri's Fourth Congressional District Renee Hoagenson and DACA recipient Ana Garcia. Each speaker wove personal narratives into their speeches on why DACA should not be rescinded. The rally comes in a response to President Donald Trump's decision to allow DACA to expire by March 6, 2018, unless Congress passes legislation to save it.

A reverend from the Unitarian Universal Church of Columbia speaks at the Rally for Dreamers. “There will always be those who stand up to say no to the powerful and greedy,” she said during her speech, “and we are among them.”

DACA recipient Ana Garcia speaks on coming to America and building a life in the U.S. “I hold my traditions, culture and native language close to my heart,” she said. “I am an American in every possible way.”

Rally attendees raise their fists in the air in solidarity with DACA recipients whose statuses are currently in jeopardy.

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