CPD, MUPD promote Sexual Assault Awareness Month

MUPD offers a free 12-hour class in self-defense for females.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and the MU Police Department and Columbia Police Department Web sites offer safety tips and methods.

CPD's site features information on predatory drugs sexual predators might use for assault.

The Drug Enforcement Administration provides information on the site about how predators use a variety of drugs including Ecstasy, GHB and prescription drugs to commit sexual assault.

CPD does not hold any events or activities during Sexual Assault Awareness Month but keeps updated information on its Web site.

"On the Web site, since it's so accessible, we can put up tips for staying safe this month and archive (the information), so it's always there," CPD spokeswoman Jessie Haden said.

MUPD Capt. Scott Richardson said MUPD promotes sexual assault awareness in April and throughout the year.

"We promote a Rape Aggression Defense program, which is free for females and they conduct stimulated attacks," Richardson said.

Classes run throughout the year and are 12 hours long, MUPD's Web site stated.

Alcohol is the most prevalent rape-facilitating drug, CPD's Web site states. The first effects of alcohol are impaired judgment and cognition. Other rape-facilitating drugs, such as Rohypnol and Ketamine, are listed on the site. Rohypnol, also known as roofies, are pills prescribed in Mexico for sleep disorders and cause drowsiness and amnesia.

CPD's Web site suggests not trusting drug-detecting coasters or other devices that promise to sense predatory narcotics because they do not always work with some drugs or drinks. If someone shows signs of being drugged, they should go to the hospital and should never be taken home to "sleep it off."

Haden said the National Crime Prevention Council also provided the CPD Web site with information that visitors can print as PDF brochures.

MUPD publishes a yearly publication, The Campus Safety and Crime Report, which discusses rape, sexual assault procedures and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

"We're always looking to make sure people are aware so they are not a victim," Richardson said.

Haden said CPD plans on further participation in Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the future but could not this year due to council meetings and the recent Election Day.

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