Delta Chi senior Jazz Rucker

Jazz Rucker is from Moberly and is a vocal music education major.

Of all the aspects of the Homecoming festivities, Rucker said his favorite activity is the game.

Like other candidates, Rucker was surprised by his candidacy.

"It was really unexpected, it still feels a bit unreal," Rucker said.

Rucker said his favorite thing about MU is the sense of community and family because it seems everyone can have a place, according the Homecoming Royalty Web site.

Rucker is the Music Director for Add9, a community adviser for McDavid Residence Hall, the president of the American Choral Directors Association and the Theater Reaching Young People and Schools vocal director. He is also involved in the National Residence Hall Honorary and College Music Educators National Chapter.

Rucker got involved with his fraternity through a hometown friend.

After college, Rucker plans to be a high school choral music director.

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