Diversity video in production

The Office of Multicultural Affairs hopes to boost minority enrollment by creating a video showing the perspectives of current minority students. The video would be shown to incoming minority freshmen at Summer Welcome.

Today, senior Adora Andy, who is producing the film, will finish the last round of interviews of minority students for the video. During the past two weeks, interviews were conducted with freshman and sophomore members of various minority organizations.

"We want to show anyone who's interested in Mizzou what we're made of," Andy said. "In a way it teaches, and in a way it recruits."

The office first produced a diversity video in 1995. Journalism and film studies students helped make a second edition in 1999.

This edition of the diversity video will include members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community as well as multiracial students. Neither group was included in the previous diversity videos.

"It's something that needs to be done to let the people coming in know that there are minorities here, that each of these groups is represented at Mizzou," said Dustin Hampton, a sophomore who is homosexual and is interviewed in the video.

The original purpose of the video was to give students a feel for the diversity of the campus.

"The idea was to make this video more inclusive," said Pablo Mendoza, the director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs. "There has traditionally been isolation of minorities on this campus, and to show them that there is a presence is important."

Mendoza said office staff tried to make a video last year, but they were too busy with other commitments to finish the work.

The interviews give information about the participants' lives on campus and transitions to college. Andy said the production of the video is going well. The students seem excited to participate, and although there have been various small delays, the video will be ready for the incoming freshmen at Summer Welcome.

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