DSA seeks to regain funds spent on The Jungle

DSA will request an estimated $9,000 to regain money spent on The Jungle.

The Missouri Students Association Department of Student Activities will submit an estimated $9,000 Contingency and Reserve request to reimburse the DSA budget for money spent on The Jungle this semester.

The Jungle was funded through the DSA programming budget, but those funds were not meant for The Jungle, DSA Director Ben Hansen said.

“The Jungle was a series of events that the DSA put on, but it was not what the budget was intended for,” Hansen said.

DSA usually puts on events such as bringing a comedian to campus, not tailgating spaces, Hansen said.

According to the MSA website, the special events committee within DSA is responsible for programming comedians, novelty events around campus and student competitions.

“The C&R request will not be to reimburse DSA for The Jungle, but regain the money spent on the Jungle so that DSA will have the budget to put on its usual events,” Hansen said.

DSA will submit a C&R request for funds in January, but might not ask for or receive the total amount spent on The Jungle.

“$9,000 is the estimate I have right now,” Hansen said. “We might ask for $10,000 or $8,500.”

Student Fee Review Committee chairman, Matt Sheppard said he had originally planned for the DSA request to be around $20,000.

“The request will be for much less,” Sheppard said. “But that is what (carryover) is there for.”

Although DSA had not budgeted to put on and fund The Jungle, Hansen said he thinks The Jungle was worth the money spent.

“There was a need for a student tailgating space,” Hansen said. “With any new event or program you are going to have to invest and spend money on it.”

Sheppard said that if The Jungle continues next year, the turnout would improve.

“Advertising is what we were lacking,” Sheppard said. “We’ll have a better plan (next year).”

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