Extended campus extends MUPD's jurisdiction

With the addition of the extended campus due to record freshmen enrollment, the MU Police Department has found its jurisdiction increased. MUPD is the first responder to any police calls concerning MU's apartments at Campus Lodge and Campus View.

"This is an excellent opportunity to provide law enforcement to all of our students," MU police Capt. Brian Weimer said.

Because the apartments are considered university property, MU police met with members of the Columbia Police Department and decided MUPD would have jurisdiction.

"The university leased the apartments so they're theirs," CPD Lt. Diane Bernhard said.

This decision was made in conjunction with the university's policies concerning MU-owned property.

"University policy is that whenever the university rents property, it becomes part of MUPD's jurisdiction," Residential Life Director Frankie Minor said.

Although the Department of Residential Life was not a part of the decision-making process, Minor said he supports the decision.

MUPD's responsibility to publish the Clery report aided in the decision to make MUPD the first responder to calls from these apartments. The 2008 Clery report, which will report crimes from the extended campus, has not been released.

"This helps to make sure the Clery report is clear and accurate," Weimer said.

As a college police department, MUPD deals primarily with college students while CPD deals primarily with Columbia residents, which aided in the decision-making process.

"While CPD is used to working with college students, college students are MUPD's primary constituency group," Minor said.

As part of this decision, Residential Life had to notify the Joint Communications Center about the jurisdiction change. Now when students who live on the extended campus dial 911, their calls will be directed to MU police.

With the addition of the extended campus, MUPD will be handling more calls from students. Despite the increase in calls, MUPD has not hired any new police officers but is looking to, Weimer said.

Although MUPD will be handling new areas, it's nothing new to the department.

"They already patrol areas not right on campus," Minor said. "This is just another piece of property that isn't part of the contiguous campus."

This area has experienced crimes typical to college apartments, but police haven't encountered violent crimes.

"We've had issues with parties and car break-ins, typical college housing problems," Bernhard said. "We've had disturbances but not of a violent nature."

Since taking over jurisdiction of the extended campus, MUPD has not noticed any specific crime patterns in the area.

"Our No. 1 goal is crime prevention and we are always looking to identify patterns," Weimer said.

Despite being the first responders to calls from this area, Weimer said MUPD would call CPD for assistance if the situation warranted it. In addition to having MUPD patrol the area, each property employs a private security firm.

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