Extended campus locations leave RHA

The locations will receive funds previously directed to RHA.
Campus Lodge, which houses Mizzou Quads, stands on Old Highway 63. Extended campus housing has opted to disaffiliate from the Residence Halls Association.

Student staff at MU’s extended campus locations, including Tiger Diggs, Mizzou Quads, TRUE Scholars House and Prunty Hall at Stephens College, have chosen to break from the Residence Halls Association this academic year.

"It is hard to have a government out there," RHA President Rachael Feuerborn said. "We gave them the choice to affiliate or disaffiliate, because we get part of the student fee, so when they said they wanted to disaffiliate, we gave them their whole student fee back for their floor and hall government."

Students and hall coordinators in the extended campus facilities made the decision to disaffiliate from RHA early this semester after communicating with Feuerborn through e-mail.

Residential Life had to limit the number of upperclassman who could live on campus this year. Residential Life Associate Director Kristin Temple said the purpose of extended campus housing is to give students the off-campus experience without the reality of paying apartment expenses.

"We limited the number of returning students who we allowed this year," Temple said. "We did rent 240 beds out at Mizzou Quads that were targeted to sophomores and juniors who wanted a little more freedom and their own room and washer and dryer but not utility bills."

Temple said one problem extended campus RHA representatives ran into last year was making it to Congress meetings using the bus system.

The buses run from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on the half hour. At 6 p.m. there is a transition period when the bus picks up and drops off at a new location on Rollins Street. Temple said students, especially those who were new to campus, would get confused and miss the bus or just try to avoid the hassle altogether and not make it to the meeting.

"With RHA, that shift between 5:30 and 6 p.m. sometimes didn't match up and students would get confused as far as finding their bus and sometimes would just miss their bus," Temple said.

The extended campus facilities still operate through Residential Life and still pay activity fees, but they are no longer required to go to Congress, and a portion of their activity fee is no longer allocated to the RHA budget.

"Extended campus living is just not fined for missing Congress this year, and the portion of their $15 activity fee that went to RHA in the past is kept for their floor and hall government," RHA Advisor J. Heim said. "Prunty is using their money for social functions like they would as part of the government. They just don't have that RHA portion taken out."

Feuerborn said each facility has its own form of government.

"Tiger Diggs still has a government," she said. "They don't want to have representatives in RHA and instead just have a hall-type government. I think Mizzou Quads is a little less involved with the government, which is fine because they are a little more spread out."

Temple said all the students living in Prunty Hall this semester are to be relocated to on-campus Residential Life facilities by December, unless the residents decide they like the small community Prunty offers. She said that on-campus living space would not be an issue by December.

"From when we open in August to opening in January we lose about 10 percent of our on-campus population, because seniors graduate, people study abroad, others decide MU is not for them, and some people do student teaching," Temple said. "Given that we are close to 7,000 students, that means that we will have about 700 spaces, so the students from Prunty can move back to campus, or if some like it, they are given the option to stay there the whole semester."

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