Faculty Council hears IFC updates at final meeting of semester

Interim UM System President Steve Owens said the presidential search is coming to a close.

Faculty Council approved minor revisions to the Faculty Handbook and heard a report on the UM System Intercampus Faculty Council at its final meeting of the fall semester Thursday.

The meeting came one day after Nikki Krawitz, vice president of finance and administration for the UM System, presented information on performance funding at the general faculty meeting.

Council member Leona Rubin reported on developments at the most recent IFC meetings. Interim UM System President Steve Owens told the council the search for a new president is almost over.

“The presidential search is in the home stretch,” Rubin said. “They’re pretty much done interviewing, they’re really pleased with their list of choices and now they just need to pick from that set of choices. “

Faculty Council chairman Harry Tyrer said he was frustrated the faculty had been uninformed throughout the search process.

“I’m a little miffed that it’s such a tightly-kept secret,” he said. “I can understand the need for privacy on the part of individuals, but this is a little too dark.”

Although several council members floated the idea of issuing a statement about their frustration with the secrecy of the process, Tyrer said he felt it was too late to take action on this.

Owens also spoke about Missouri’s move to the Southeastern Conference and assured IFC members that any Big 12 exit fees would be paid for with athletic revenue, not tuition money. Proposed changes to Memorial Stadium will also be funded with this money.

Betsy Rodriguez, UM System vice president for human resources, updated IFC on development of the new retirement plan and the efforts being made to secure the best rates possible.

Academic Affairs committee chairwoman Nicole Monnier led the council in passing revisions to the Faculty Handbook that would update language to match current practices. There were no changes in policy, and further changes will be addressed next semester.

Faculty Affairs committee chairman Clyde Bentley said the committee has been discussing the non-track tenure system, which the council estimated affects about 2,500 MU employees.

Fiscal Affairs committee chairman Kattish Katti reported on progress of creating a committee to deal with the effective management of intellectual property. The council members have been named, with three spots being left open for nomination by the council.

Student Affairs committee Chairman Craig Roberts said his council was working on a way to recognize MU students who died in foreign wars, but was no longer considering a monument on Hitt Street.

“It would be something that wouldn’t interfere with the architecture of Memorial Union, but something more substantial than a bronze plaque or a kiosk,” he said.

The council will meet again Jan. 19, with executive committee members meeting with Chancellor Brady Deaton on Dec. 13.

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