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First Board of Curators meeting discussed university renovations and financial change

Deaton said the university spends its own resources to provide $55 million annually in work support to MU students.

The Missouri Orthopaedic Institute and parts of University Hospital will see renovations, the UM System Board of Curators approved at its Sept. 12 and 13 meeting.

The board also discussed education funding and wished outgoing Chancellor Brady Deaton well at the meeting.

University Hospital

The UM System Board of Curators unanimously approved plans to renovate MU’s Missouri Orthopaedic Institute and parts of the University Hospital.

Renovations to the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute will cost $35 million. This funding will go toward adding three floors to the building. An extra resident will also be on staff in the department.

James Stannard, chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, said additional doctors were recently hired in the department as well.

“I think that this facility and the momentum we’ve been able to achieve as a department is very significantly changing the landscape for us in terms of the quality of people we can recruit and the research personnel we’re bringing in,” Stannard said.

The board also unanimously approved renovations to the University Hospital building’s fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh floors. The plan includes upgrading the information technology system and updating patient rooms.

University Hospital has observed a growth in discharges by 8.2 percent and was recently named one of the top hospitals in Missouri by US News & World Report.

Renovations will cost $19 million and will be funded by MU Health Care reserves.

Construction dates for both projects are currently unknown.

Higher Education Funding

After Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of House Bill 253 was sustained, $400 million in funds withheld from higher education will be released and given to the university.

A portion will go toward MU’s partnership with Springfield hospitals and the College of Veterinary Medicine’s large animal program expansion, said Vice President of University Relations Steve Knorr.

Hank Foley, executive vice president for academic affairs, also announced at the third public session on Sept. 13 that the [UM system would receive a total of $22.1 million for implementing strategic plans](.


During the chancellor’s panel, Deaton emphasized the university’s current growth.

“We’ve been the fastest growing [Association of American Universities] university in the nation... we’re still increasing as one of the most diverse universities in the country,” Deaton said.

The chancellor also made statements about the changes in scholarship amounts, which are designed to reach out to high-achieving students.

“We’ve always emphasized academic quality has to be preserved at all times,” Deaton said. “And we have to have the facilities to ensure the high quality academic growth and the academic quality of the institution.”

Regarding students who do not have scholarships, Deaton said the university spends from its own resources to provide $55 million annually in work support to MU students.

“(W)e want to ensure those students (who do not have scholarships) are successful in our environment as well,” Deaton said.

MU provided 1,500 new scholarships as a result of the “For All We Call Mizzou” fundraising campaign.

The university aims to add between 350 and 400 students to the student body per year in the future, Deaton said.

Chancellor Deaton’s Retirement

The board also acknowledged Deaton’s retirement, thanking him for his service.

Deaton will continue to serve at the university as the director of the Brady and Anne Deaton Institute for University Leadership and International Development after he leaves his position as chancellor.

The search to select a new chancellor is ongoing.

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