Freshmen edit original films

The Fresh Films competition ends Friday.
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Before this year, freshman Molly Hildreth knew almost nothing about film editing. But with a little inspiration from an MTV show and a lot of new-found pressure, Hildreth is now a competitive filmmaker.

Hildreth is a participant in the 2010 Fresh Films competition, a competition for freshmen to create a short video with their peers about life at MU. The competition aims to help freshmen meet fellow students, learn film techniques and win prizes. Participants must compete in teams of two to four people and films must be less than five minutes.

"Fresh Films allows us to tap into our creativity while teaching us how to better relate to those we work with," competitor Elizabeth Howard said.

Hildreth's short film is a spoof of MTV's reality show "MADE," which follows teens who have a goal to be made into things like singers, athletes and dancers. The teens are given a "MADE Coach" to help them attain their goals over the course of several weeks. In Hildreth's team's film, the teens have a goal to become the best possible MU student.

"In our movie, they do different activities like learning Mizzou cheers, going to the Rec Center and studying," Hildreth said.

In the past, the competition was called the iLife competition, which stressed using solely Apple iLife products, such as iMovie, to edit videos.

"We are open to any platform for shooting and editing the videos," Fresh Films student representative Matt Kamp said. "This year, students can use anything they are comfortable with to edit their entries."

This year's competition also focuses more on freshman life at MU.

"In the past, students could make a video on anything they desired without tying into an overall theme," Kamp said.

Past videos in the iLife competition did relate to the MU theme, such as the Mizzou Rap, founded on the premise students can have fun on campus doing activities besides playing video games in their dorm rooms. This year, it is a requirement for freshmen to create a video that somehow relates to the underlying message of "My Mizzou Experience."

Hildreth is the leader of one of about 30 teams entered in this competition. Some students, such as Hildreth, entered the competition to fulfill a requirement for FIG classes, and others entered for experience, glory and prizes.

The winning team will receive a $250 gift certificate to the bookstore for each team member. Other prizes include smaller denominations of bookstore gift certificates, an iPad and various door prizes, which will be given out at the final showing of the videos.

Hildreth said neither she nor her partner knew how to edit and it was difficult to learn how.

At the same time, Hildreth said she thinks it paid off.

"The actual filming part was really fun," she said. "When the actors started messing up, it was really funny, like bloopers."

And not only are the characters in Hildreth's film better MU students, but Hildreth said she thinks she is too because of what she learned in making her movie.

"Now I go to the Rec Center a lot more," she said. "And I didn't know the cheers before, but now I do. It helped motivate me."

Entries for the Fresh Films competition are due by 5 p.m. Friday, at the Center for Student Involvement. The films will be shown at an awards ceremony at 7 p.m. Nov. 8 in Gannett Hall.

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