Gold ribbon cut, Truman’s Closet opens for business

The program officially begins Oct. 1.

Members of the Missouri Students Association officially opened Truman’s Closet on Monday, revealing the new space alongside Tiger Pantry.

Monday’s event included an opening speech from MSA President Nick Droege, followed by remarks from Director of Student Services Sean Joy and Truman’s Closet Coordinator Kathleen Kowalsky.

Located at 1400 Rock Quarry Road, Truman’s Closet will be available to students and faculty every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Droege began by providing some context for the launch, discussing the launch of his own pet project, Tiger Pantry, and how the idea for Truman’s Closet came about. Droege emphasized the importance of being able to have access to business attire and recounted a story of a young MU student without a source of professional attire who was finding difficulty in landing jobs and internships.

He then handed the microphone to Joy, who has held an advisory role throughout the development of Truman’s Closet. Joy thanked everyone who has helped get others involved, those who has donated money and clothing and those who have kept him motivated and confident in the ability of the program to succeed. Joy recalled how overwhelmed he was when he decided to undertake the project and how pivotal others have been in making it a reality.

As Kowalsky took to the podium, Joy praised her for being a “vibrant and dedicated person.”

Kowalsky provided the audience with her vision for the soon-to-be-operational program, saying that she hopes to make Truman’s Closet a place students go to for the entire professional package, in which students can get the attire and education they need for success.

She said she wants employers to look at MU graduates and say, ‘We want him because he’s from Mizzou.’

This much-talked-about component of Truman’s Closet will be headed by junior Cara Hartwig and junior Cecret Matthews.

Bringing everyone inside, the new executive board showed off their space within which they will begin operations Thursday.

MSA Vice President Zach Beattie had the honor of being the program’s first user, renting a suit for the occasion.

As the event came to a close, the audience and executive board mingled after opening MSA’s latest program.

Truman’s Closet will open Thursday and will allow students and faculty to rent clothing using their student IDs. Students can rent clothes for free or for a small charge and can keep the clothes for 48 hours. Normal hours of operation will be 2:30-5 p.m. Sundays, 9-12 p.m. Tuesdays and 3-6 p.m. Thursdays.

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