Greek chapters find varied means to celebrate centennial Homecoming

Zeta Phi Beta sorority, Inc. will be celebrating with a step show on the Plaza Amphitheater.

Sororities and fraternities at MU traditionally participate in competitions and service events during Homecoming week. For chapters that belong to the Panhellenic Association or Interfraternity Council, competitions involving a blood drive, campus decorations and displays of talent fill the week.

Non-PHA and IFC chapters who do not participate in these competitions celebrate MU’s Homecoming tradition in various ways. Many get involved in service opportunities and social events designed to welcome back alumni.

Zeta Phi Beta member Samira Hilliard said her chapter focuses on togetherness by attending events together. Members plan on watching the parade and participating in a step show at Plaza Amphitheater together, she said.

“My favorite activity (during Homecoming week) would be being together at the step show,” Hilliard said. “It’s a big part of Homecoming being with my sisters. Everyone else (can) see our vibe in our steps. Everyone will see how strong our bond is.”

Zeta Phi Beta members plan on welcoming alumni by greeting them with a hospitality room and inviting them to the step show.

“We are creating a time capsule, which represents the history of our chapter,” Hilliard said. “We are also attending the step show with them as well so that they will be able to see that Chi Kappa is still carrying on their legacy through work and through step.”

Many sororities and fraternities take part in service opportunities throughout the week. Pi Sigma Phi volunteered around Columbia, the chapter’s Homecoming chair Brian Jochems said.

“We participated in all the Homecoming service events,” Jochems said. “We collected canned food, worked shifts (for) Tigers Taming Hunger (and) worked at the homecoming service day.”

Pi Sigma Phi also teamed up with other chapters across MU in the more traditional festivities.

“Most of the things we do are (what) everyone for Homecoming does,” Jochems said. “We got to decorate the district, so we are decorating the downtown Starbucks. We decorated a vehicle for the parade (and) we nominated some people for Homecoming royalty. We also had someone enter in the talent show as an in-between act.”

The chapter will also hold a special barbeque for members and alumni.

“We are hosting an alumni tailgate this Saturday before the Homecoming football game,” he said. “A lot of our current brothers in the chapter will go to hang out there.”

Members of Phi Mu Alpha plan on being right in the middle of the action during the Homecoming game.

“We do a lot of things for the music school (since) a lot of people are in Marching Mizzou,” member Sean Hayes said. “We participate in the game and the (game day) events.”

The fraternity, like many others, also plans on holding a welcoming event for returning alumni, Hayes said.

“We have an alumni barbeque the weekend of Homecoming,” he said. “(We want) to get with some people who have graduated the past few years.”

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