Greek chapters put in hours for Homecoming

The top five pairings performed in the finals Thursday at Jesse Auditorium.
Members of Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Gamma Sigma and Sigma Nu perform the musical "Don't Rain on my Homecoming Parade" during the homecoming talent competition Wednesday in Jesse Auditorium. The competition took place from Tuesday to Thursday night.

Greek Life chapters showcased their work during the talent portion of Homecoming in Jesse Auditorium this week.

The Talent Competition is comprised of a song and dance portion. Many hours of work go into preparing for the preliminary rounds of the competition.

“Marathon weekend is the weekend before the skits begin, and it is just getting everything figured out," said Elena Di Miceli of the Talent Committee of the Homecoming Steering Committee. "This is when all of the preparations are made. Preparation begins pretty early in the year because they have to work on casting their roles and making their props and sets.”

The Sigma Nu, Kappa Alpha Theta and Alpha Gamma Sigma grouping began preparation for their skit weeks in advance to ensure that all of the kinks were worked out before production night, Skit Director Will Peterson said.

“We have been practicing since early September,” Peterson said. “We usually practice every weeknight for about an hour a night at first and for two hours when it comes down to crunch time, so we have been practicing for about six to 10 hours per week for the last six weeks.”

Sophomore Hannah Carlson said her sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Epsilon Pi and Delta Sigma Phi grouping Costume Committee got creative with their resources this year.

“The Costume Committee is always in charge of the costumes, and this year they really made use of their resources,” she said. “They have a budget for costumes, but instead of going out and buying all of the costumes, they went to the Rockbridge Show Choir for some, they made two lions and shopped through people’s closets for the rest.”

Di Miceli said each sorority is paired with one or two fraternities depending on their size. The pairings work together during all Homecoming events.

“Everyone did a really good job,” Peterson said. “I think that it is more about bonding with the pairing you are with and making friendships, and I think in that respect Homecoming is a great event in the Greek and campus community.”

The performances were judged throughout the preliminary process, each by the same panel. Skits are evaluated based on entertainment value, prop usage, costumes and vocals. Each skit was required to include a board game, an MU tradition and a song of their choice, Di Miceli said. Five pairings made it to the finals Thursday night.

Along with the Talent competition, chapters prepare house decorations, including pomp boards, to decorate Greektown over the weekend.

“Brothers had to put in seven hours of pomping and pledges had to put in even more, so we hope to have lots of visitors to see our great boards,” Alpha Epsilon Pi Pomp Liaison Kyle Sutton said.

The campus decorations are a Homecoming tradition and a lot of alumni and Columbia residents bring their families to see the tradition, Peterson said.

“Campus decs is really geared to the Columbia community and also alumni, but students usually come out as well to see each chapter’s hard work,” Petersen said. “Alumni bring their kids back to see the campus decorations and see how things have changed and what traditions have stuck throughout the years.”

The winning pairing of the Talent Competition, as well as the overall Homecoming Week winners, will be announced on the south steps of Jesse Hall on Sunday night.

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