Greek Week sports brings community together

The events included were flag football, soccer, basketball and volleyball.

The kick off for Greek Week’s annual sports tournament this year was Friday, April 11.

Chapters were paired up and set to compete against each other in different sporting events, including flag football, soccer, basketball and volleyball.

Greek Week sports are a good way to bring all of the houses together, Sigma Phi Epsilon sophomore Skylar Miller said.

“Just seeing everybody cheering for their houses is really cool,” he said.

Flag Football

The stands at Stankowski Field filled up quickly Friday night as the Greek pairings faced off in flag football.

The games began at 5 p.m. and went late into the evening.

Junior Christina Surrusco, a member of Kappa Delta, said she was excited to play with her pairing members.

“Honestly, for me, it’s being able to have fun with all of my friends,” she said. “It’s like a school stress reliever, and it’s really a good time.”

Junior Jeff Crowe of Beta Theta Pi said he had wanted to win since his freshman year.

“Winning would be awesome,” he said. “Not only would we represent our houses well, but I’ve been playing football for quite a while here and I’ve never won one, so I … want to win one.”

Unfortunately for Crowe, Beta Theta Pi and their pairing lost to the Zeta Tau Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha and Alpha Gamma Rho pairing in the first round.

In the final game, the Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Nu and Sigma Pi Epsilon pairing defeated Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Tau Delta and Farmhouse, taking the 2014 flag football title.


The soccer competitions began Saturday at 9 a.m.

Winning the title of soccer champion brought the chapter pairings closer to winning Greek Week entirely.

Fresh off of his team’s win in one of the initial rounds, sophomore Steven Beckham of Lambda Chi Alpha was fired up and ready to play his next game.

“I feel pretty good,” he said. “I love Greek Week and Greek sports. It’s just a great experience for everyone.”

Freshman Daniel Renner of Delta Chi said he was confident his team would win the soccer tournament.

“Well, we haven’t won soccer Greek Week yet, so we want to put that in the trophy case,” he said. “It’s already pretty full as it is, but we’ll find room.”

Delta Chi and its pairing with Delta Delta Delta, Phi Gamma Delta and NPHC made it into the final game. However, they were defeated by Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Nu and Sigma Pi Epsilon. This was the pairing’s second win in the Greek Week sporting events.


At 5 p.m. on Saturday, the fieldhouse in the MU Student Recreation Complex began erupting with applause and cheers as the Greek Week basketball tournament began.

Two teams played at a time in the fieldhouse with a court in between the two being played on.

Senior Katie Ottolin, a member of Phi Mu, said playing in the games allowed for people from different chapters to interact with one another.

“The games bring sportsmanship,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if I knock someone down, because I’m going to go help them up regardless if they’re not on the same team or not. We learn to respect people more.”

Having won two of the events thus far, Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Nu and Sigma Pi Epsilon were looking to claim another title. Miller said he thought a win in basketball would result in his pairing winning Greek Week.

“If we get a three-peat, I think there’s a shot that we’ll win the whole thing,” he said. “Sports is big big points, so if we can seal a three-peat, I think we’ll have a strong shot at winning Greek Week.”

The pairing made it to the final round, but they were defeated by Alpha Phi, Phi Kappa Theta and Alpha Gamma Sigma.


Sunday at 9 a.m., Greek pairings began competing in the recreation center fieldhouse for the title of volleyball champion. The fans brought signs and wooden cut-outs of Greek letters to help support their teams.

Freshman Mason Stierwalt of Delta Chi said he believed the sports portion of Greek Week is about strengthening the community.

“We have it to show chapters coming together,” he said. “It’s friendly competition, the whole one Greek Week, One Mizzou thing. So it’s all about coming together.”

Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Nu and Sigma Pi Epsilon faced off with Delta Delta Delta, Phi Gamma Delta, Delta Chi and NPHC faced off in the final soccer game. This time, however, the latter came out on top.

“This is the first time in all of my four years that we’ve made it past the first round,” senior Rachel Jag said. ”I told my teammates that I’d be happy if we got through one game, but we got through all of them. I’m still shaking.”

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