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Haden Gomez and Chris Hanner resign, Payton Head and Bill Vega are interim leaders

Less than 24 hours after evidence surfaced of campaign infractions, MSA President-elect Haden Gomez and Vice President-elect Chris Hanner stepped down.

Former MSA President-elect Haden Gomez sheds a tear Jan. 27 in Leadership Auditorium after announcing his resignation to MSA Senate. “I hope you use this to move forward with leadership that the student body can trust. If there’s anything I want you to remember it’s that I am a person and that wasn’t recognized," Gomez said during his speech.

Senators succeeded in removing MSA President-elect Haden Gomez and Vice President-elect Chris Hanner from office.

Their efforts began late Tuesday night after former Gomez/Hanner campaign manager Natalie Edelstein gave screenshots of conversations within the Gomez/Hanner campaign staff’s group message on the GroupMe application. Gomez, Hanner and co-campaign managers Josh Boehm and Edelstein were members of the GroupMe. The screenshots showed conversations between the campaign staff regarding mass texts Edelstein planned to send and the campaign’s use of the Pocket Points application. Edelstein gave the screenshots to Senate Speaker Kevin Carr, who shared them with The Maneater.

The path to their resignations was convoluted. MSA Senate released a statement Wednesday night describing the meeting.

“MSA Senate met at its normal time,” the statement read. “Deliberations occurred between MSA and several members of the student body expressed their concerns with the leadership of Haden Gomez and Christopher Hanner took over full responsibilities as president. Christopher Hanner then appointed Payton Head as the vice president. Christopher Hanner then resigned. Payton Head has taken over as interim president, for the time being. A special election will be held at a to-be-determined date.”

The Maneater staff live blogged the meeting.

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