Hansen, Oxenreider look to improve academics

The two plan to increase communication in course assessments.

Of the four platform points in Ben Hansen and Kaitlin Oxenreider's campaign for the Missouri Students Association presidency, one is devoted to scholarship.

According to "Elect Hansen-Oxenreider for MSA," the campaign's Facebook page, Hansen and Oxenreider plan to better the academic experience of students through improved communication in course assessments, recommendations and technology.

One way Hansen and Oxenreider plan to improve course assessments is to make information from evaluations more easily available to students, Hansen said.

"Students fill out course evaluations but have very little access to review the answers," Hansen said. "We want to improve the amount of feedback students are able to get."

Hansen and Oxenreider also plan to make more information from course assessments available to students, Oxenreider said.

“Students need to know more than just the name of the professor and the class’s location,” Oxenreider said.

According to Hansen, having more information about professors and courses would benefit more than just current students.

“Students applying to the university would get more information about how much people have learned in classes,” Hansen said.

Hansen and Oxenreider are also considering the possibility of adopting a mid-term course evaluation, which could benefit professors as much as students, Oxenreider said.

“Professors want to make sure students are getting the most out of the class,” Oxenreider said.

Outside of the classroom, Hansen and Oxenreider plan to expand upon MU’s textbook rental program.

“Most students sell back their books at the end of the semester,” Hansen said. “Allowing students to rent books would save them money.”

Another academic area the Hansen-Oxenreider campaign plans to improve in is technology.

Hansen and Oxenreider are looking into making improvements to programs already in existence at MU, such as e-books, which would cut costs for students, Hansen said.

“We want to expand the textbook rental program to save money for students,” Oxenreider said. “Technology is expanding, so we’re expanding.”

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