Homecoming groupings adapt to DU and KA suspension

Chapters paired with DU and KA have fewer members in their groups as a result of the suspensions.
Kappa Alpha Order is one of two Mizzou fraternities currently suspended from campus activities, including Homecoming.

Members of Delta Upsilon and Kappa Alpha, two fraternities suspended in the past month, will not be able to participate in Homecoming activities.

Both fraternities have been placed on temporary suspension.

“To participate in Homecoming you need to be in good standing with the university and the Office of Greek Life,” Homecoming Steering Committee Adviser Aly Friend said. “If you’re not, then it's just not something you can participate in.”

Along with affecting the fraternities themselves, the suspensions will also influence the chapters that were placed in their Homecoming groups.

Fraternities and sororities are placed into groups by the Steering Committee for Homecoming activities. DU would have been partnered with Sigma Kappa and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and KA with Gamma Phi Beta and FarmHouse. These groupings participate in most Homecoming activities together.

“[The groups are] pretty comprehensive of all of Homecoming,” Friend said.

According to the Homecoming website, the responsibilities of groups in the “Traditions” category, which includes all Greek chapters, include organizing and registering donors for the annual blood drive, creating a float for the parade and writing and performing a group skit to be performed at Jesse Auditorium.

Groupings that originally included the suspended fraternities will have to do without those members while organizing all the events.

“I think those groupings have to look at what they’re doing a little bit differently because fewer people will be a part of that grouping and participating,” Friend said.

Friend said the Steering Committee is working with members from Sigma Kappa, SAE, Gamma Phi Beta and FarmHouse to come up with solutions to issues that could be caused by a shortage of members.

“We have talked...with the groups and have mostly expressed that if you approach something, a deadline or something...that we are available,” Friend said.

Friend also said since many of the Homecoming events are still in the planning process, the groups would be able to resolve issues before they began to inhibit their chapters’ Homecoming activities.

“We won’t let it have a negative impact on their Homecoming experience overall,” she said.

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