Homecoming pairings revealed for fraternitites, sororities

The Greek Life Homecoming groupings were announced at the end of last semester, and preparation is already underway in the various chapter houses.

Interfraternity Council President Brandon Green said the Homecoming Steering Committee pairs each fraternity with at least one sorority on campus, sometimes two, depending on the size of the fraternities.

"It's based on a ranking system, and it's all done through Greek Life," Tri Delta Spokeswoman Kate Stieren said.

Chapter members vote for what house they want to be paired with, and then the votes are totaled up to reveal the sorority or fraternity's top three choices. The Office of Greek Life tries to match the rankings as best as possible, depending on the size of each chapter. Limits are set on how often the chapters can be paired together for Homecoming or Greek Week.

"It seems like it's an efficient system," Stieren said. "We usually get one of our top three chapters."

The chapter groupings compete in many activities that make up MU Homecoming Week.

"On Friday night, they create house (decorations), which is a skit with characters with pre-recorded audio, and those big displays are put up throughout Greektown," Carrie Bien, Coordinator of Student Programs for the Mizzou Alumni Association, said. "The community and alums are invited back to see those."

Bien also said aside from house decorations, all student organizations, including the Greek Life chapter groupings, are invited to make a skit with a specialized theme that revolves around the main theme of Homecoming Week.

"They prepare a twelve minute skit with song, dance and a well-written (script)," Bien said.

The skits are performed either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of Homecoming Week and then the top five finalists are announced on Wednesday night and re-compete on Thursday night.

Farmhouse President Patrick McDonagh said the skits are judged based on creativity and appearance and then the judges determine an overall winner.

The day of the Homecoming game all student organizations are invited to make a float for the Homecoming parade as well.

Aside from the decorations, floats and skits, there is also a blood drive which will celebrate it's 25th anniversary this year, as well as a food drive, which also serves as part of the Homecoming Week competition for the Greek Life chapters and student organizations.

"Basically points are assigned to encourage participation and attendance," Bien said.

McDonagh said they like to establish a central location to work on every aspect of the Homecoming competition as a group. Each grouping is given a specific theme based off of the overall Homecoming theme. This year's theme is board games.

"We like to promote community in our grouping," McDonagh said. "We have to start preparing not too long after the semester starts. We work on house decorations and the float as well."

Stieren said the location where each grouping works on their decorations usually depends on the size of each house.

Green and McDonagh both said the house decorations are the most competitive factor for the Greek groupings.

"Our goal is to win," McDonagh said. "We've come so close in the past couple of years."

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