Homecoming Steering Committee positions still open

The deadline to apply is Feb. 11.
MU fans enjoy the 2010 Homecoming Parade on Oct. 26, 2010 on the corner of Ninth Street and University Avenue. Homecoming Directors for 2011's festivities have not yet received any applications for the 2011 Homecoming Steering Committee. Maneater File Photo

Homecoming Directors have not received any applications for the 2011 Homecoming Steering Committee, but the directors say they are not worried and that this is a common trend in recruitment.

The 2011 Homecoming Tri-Directors are sophomore Morgan Adrian, senior Kelly Heins and junior Brandon Thiel.

“In my experience, most applications are submitted the final few days before the deadline,” said Carrie Bien, committee adviser and Student Programs coordinator.

The Homecoming Directors also described the response received thus far as positive.

“During our information session last week, we were at capacity, nearly running out of room,” the Homecoming Directors said in an e-mail. “We have received many questions via e-mail and social network outlets about the application process as well.”

2011 marks the centennial Homecoming celebration at MU and an increase in applications is anticipated.

“We recognize the strength of our committee comes in part from diversifying the pool of applications,” the Homecoming Directors said. “Therefore, we are working to target individuals from diverse campus backgrounds and experiences.”

About 150 applicants apply each year. The Homecoming Directors said the majority of applicants have been from Greek Life, but a distinct increase in applicants from Residential Life has been observed in recent years.

The Homecoming Directors said they are making a conscious effort to get information about Homecoming into the hands of everybody on campus in hopes that they have a diverse pool of applicants.

A Facebook event page has been set up as part of the advertising strategy for the recruitment drive. Other efforts include posting flyers across campus, sending e-mails through list serves and relying on personal recommendations.

But, despite the efforts, some students feel that more can be done in getting the word out.

“I never knew that they even recruited people,” junior Kristina Moore said. “I don’t recall any advertisement for recruitment since I’ve been here.”

The deadline has also been extended two weeks later than previous years to allow more students to apply. The deadline to apply is Feb. 11. The Homecoming Directors said the size of the committee may also be increased considering the magnitude of this year’s celebration.

“Ultimately, we want to improve the quality of the applicant pool over quantity, so we are putting our best efforts to ensure that the application makes it to people who are going to be the best fit for the committee,” the Homecoming Directors said in an e-mail.

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