IFC, PHA elect new board members

The new members begin their terms Jan. 1.

The Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association are preparing for next year by electing new executive board members for 2014.

IFC and PHA chose their new executives on Sunday, Nov. 10. The new board members will begin their terms on Jan. 1, 2014.

IFC elected Alex Dyer as president, Will Cunningham as vice president of programming, Nick Turnbeaugh as vice president of public relations, Joel Yeager as vice president of recruitment, Brenden Lowe as vice president of membership development, Creighton Hayes as vice president of risk management, and Daniel Philyaw as vice president of finance and records.

PHA elected Kayley Weinberg as president, Maddison Hill as the vice president of programming, Julia Schroer as vice president of risk management, Poonam Sheevam as vice president of member education, and Jamie Beard as vice president of public relations.

PHA is currently working on filling some of its executive board positions and declined to comment until the new members begin their terms.

Peter Birk, the IFC’s current vice president of public relations, said that the candidates gave a three-minute speech to the current IFC executive board. After speeches, the executive board discussed who would best perform each position, and then the board voted.

“(Being on IFC executive board) has been one of my goals since I joined a fraternity, and it’s exciting to get to be a part of IFC,” said Lowe, who was elected the vice president of membership development.

For the remainder of the year, PHA and IFC will be training their executive boards, and then the new board members will replace the old Jan. 1, Birk said.

Daniel Philyaw, the incoming vice president of financing records, said he wants to have more input in budget decisions.

“In years past, there hasn’t been enough input (in budget decisions) from the IFC as a whole, so I would like to set up a budget committee in order to get more input from the IFC and from chapter presidents about what we’re spending money on,” he said.

Creighton Hayes, the vice president-elect of risk management, described his job as managing an audit system for maintaining the fraternity alcohol policy and as a filter for social paperwork. As a job with a lot of technicalities and a heavy workload, Hayes said he is interested in making his job more efficient.

“Student leaders in fraternities are students first, and I feel that they don’t need to be buried in paperwork like they have been in the past,” Hayes said. “I want to make it easier for everyone.”

Birk said the new board is full of good ideas and each member is a hard worker.

“Having worked with a lot of these guys before, I think that they will all be very capable in their positions,” Birk said. “(It) will be a very successful year for the IFC.”

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