Incoming students find brotherhood at IFC recruitment

Shortening the second day from 11 houses to eight brought some mixed reviews.
Pi Kappa Phi member Ryan Winn shakes hands with MU student Sean Murphy during the Interfraternity Council formal recruitment in the MU Student Center in late June 2012. IFC Formal Recruitment gives more than 500 men a new home on campus. Maneater File Photo

Interfraternity Council Formal recruitment drew about 525 men to the MU campus from June 26 to 28.

This year’s recruitment was similar to previous events, but a change in the schedule on the second day allowed the potential members to spend more time with the chapters. The men visited eight houses on day two instead of 11 as in years past. Office of Greek Life recruitment specialist Kathleen Duffy explained that the change was made due to timing issues.

“(Potential members) still have a lot of options,” Duffy said. “It isn’t a final be-all end-all of recruitment, so it gave people time to really spend some meaningful time with the chapters that they were visiting and have good conversations.”

Potential members visited all of the houses on the first day of recruitment and narrowed it down to four houses on the third and final day.

Although the three-day event was overwhelming for some potential members, others felt it was just enough time. Incoming freshman Rahil Patel participated in IFC recruitment this year and agreed that visiting eight houses was beneficial.

"You still have a bunch of options and are able to have enough time through the day where you spend a good amount of time with the guys and don’t have to cut it short and walk a lot," Patel said.

He also found that three days was sufficient time.

“It’s just so much thrown at you, you wouldn’t want more (time),” Patel said. “It’s so tiring, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. It worked out well for me.”

While incoming freshman Gage Barber said he felt he got what he wanted from the process, he still wanted more time during the three days.

“I wish it would have been a bit longer, that way we can get to know the fraternities better the first day,” Barber said.

Barber hoped to find close friends for college as well as an academic environment, and he said he felt that he did with the fraternity he joined, Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

“(I decided to rush) mainly for the brotherhood that comes with fraternities,” Barber said. “I wanted to make lifelong friends, and guys in fraternities tend to have better academic achievement, and grades are a big deal for me. They are definitely the type of guys that I can see myself bonding with really well and the atmosphere at the house is definitely one that encourages academic success.”

Patel decided to join a fraternity in part because of the volunteer work that is encouraged by different houses.

“Our campus is huge with Greek life and doing charity work,” Patel said. “it all pays back with the satisfaction you get from doing it all,” Patel said. “It’s just giving back to the community. It's great to give back to those that deserve it the most.”

Duffy was pleased with how the weekend turned out.

“IFC Formal Recruitment went well this year,” Duffy said. “We had a lot of excited men on Sunday afternoon who received bids from chapters or invitations to continue to informal recruitment. I’m looking forward to welcoming new members into the Greek community here at Mizzou.”

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