Investigation of BEC will fall to new MSA inspector general

The former officer said he did not want politics to harm the office.

Missouri Students Association Inspector General Eric Hucker resigned from his position Friday in a letter to MSA President Tim Noce.

In his letter of resignation, Hucker said he had failed at the requirements of the inspector general position.

According to chapter 8.01A of the MSA bylaws, the inspector general is required to conduct independent and objective audits, investigations and inspections; prevent and detect waste, fraud and abuse; promote economy, effectiveness and efficiency; review pending legislation and regulation and keep the President and the Senate informed.

“It (Hucker’s resignation) was out of the blue for me,” Noce said. “But he did it for the right reasons.”

Noce said the inspector general position had taken up a lot of Hucker’s time.

“He has done an excellent job,” Noce said. “But he is a student first and we don’t want to hinder that.”

Hucker had no comment regarding his resignation.

According to the letter, Hucker said he had waited too long to begin the audit schedule charged to him.

According to the bylaws, the inspector general will audit at least one-third of all MSA entities in the spring and fall semesters.

Hucker said that he had yet to submit an audit report this semester and would not have the time to complete each audit with an acceptable degree of quality.

Noce said Hucker also did not want political biases to harm the Office of Inspector General.

“He (Hucker) said he could be viewed as bias because the position was created by one of the parties,” Noce said.

MSA Senate Speaker Evan Wood and MSA presidential candidate Josh Travis created the Office of Inspector General in the spring of 2010.

“I told (Hucker) if he did (his job) right he would not be viewed as bias,” Noce said.

Wood said Hucker was not bias, but was seen that way.

“Josh and I did create the position, but Hucker came along after the position was created,” Wood said.

Hucker still had to go through an application process, Wood said.

“Some think we must have known to create this position a year in advance,” Wood said. “As if all of these moves were done in foresight.”

Before Hucker’s resignation, he had decided to investigate the Board of Elections Commissioners for the legality of their actions during this MSA presidential election.

Wood said the investigation was an independent investigation and whether the investigation will continue is up to the new Inspector General.

“I’m sure it is still going to be looked into at some facet, but it depends on the person who is appointed,” Wood said.

Noce said he would appoint a new inspector general before Thanksgiving break.

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