'It Starts With Us,' say MSA candidates Stockton and Gulati

The MSA slate prioritizes inclusivity, sexual assault prevention, MSA reform and student services.
MSA president and vice president slate Josh Stockton and Shruti Gulati. Courtesy of Stockton Gulati Twitter

Running behind their campaign motto of “It Starts with Us,” Josh Stockton and Shruti Gulati prioritize inclusivity, sexual assault prevention, MSA reform and collaboration with Greek Life.

Stockton, who is studying finance, and Gulati, who is studying marketing, aim to incorporate their business knowledge in their campaign. Stockton was a Missouri Students Association senator and founded the MU chapter of the Delta Kappa Epsilon. Gulati and Stockton are both members of Alpha Kappa Psi.

WIth regards to inclusivity, the slate wants to develop a student outreach program through the Department of Student Communications, have senators reach out to other groups, and make the chief inclusivity officer a permanent, paid position.

Gulati, who will spend the summer interning at J.P. Morgan, has offered her summer MSA salary if elected as a way to pay this position. For more long-term solutions, the slate has considered cutting “$500 or $1,000” from the Department of Student Activities budget to fund this position, Stockton said.

In addition, the pair plans to work with the city of Columbia to increase the number of gender-neutral bathrooms in Columbia.

“We think it wouldn’t be the most difficult thing to add them in everywhere so that people don’t have to wait 45 minutes and go home to go to the bathroom,” Gulati said.

The slate also wants to increase the frequency of meetings between the presidents of joint session governments, which currently occur once monthly. In addition, they want to assign each of the student governments a senator as a representative.

“Obviously this decision would require a lot of MSA support, but I see much more of a voice coming from LBC or Greek students, or Four Front, rather than journalism versus business majors,” Stockton said.

The slate’s second major goal is sexual assault prevention. They plan to bring a campus speaker to discuss sexual assault on campus as part of Homecoming. Stockton hopes to see “a very large venue and a lot of people coming in and seeing a very familiar face.”

In addition, the candidates plan on partnering with peer education programs on campus to promote involvement and education, according to their platform.

Stockton and Gulati’s third major goal is to reform MSA. They plan on developing the Department of Student Communications to “better promote both MSA and non-MSA events, and do a better job of maintaining MSA’s online presence,” according to their platform.

The slate also aims to work closely with the financial aspects of MSA by setting stricter campaign finance regulations for MSA presidential elections, calling for transparency with campaign financing and requesting that the Trulaske Consulting Association analyzes the MSA budget for efficiency.

Stockton and Gulati also plan to seek “industry-specific” private donations to help fund MSA auxiliaries.

Fourth on the slate’s list of goals is to increase Greek collaboration. Stockton and Gulati are planning on implementing a Homecoming fundraiser called “MizzouFest.” This would be a week-long fundraising effort for a local cause and a concert whose ticket sales would also benefit the cause.

In addition, Stockton and Gulati plan to better promote and recognize Greek philanthropic events to the 70 percent of non-Greek population at Mizzou.

Stockton and Gulati’s fifth main goal is improve overall student services. They plan on doing this by calling for more transparency for Campus Dining Services’ budget. They want to review the budget and then push for CDS to change certain policies.

Other goals include increasing the number of power outlets available in the Student Center, advancing campaigns that promote Open Educational Resources at Mizzou and working with the Department of Residential Life and Residential Halls Association to increase the size of Freshman Interest Groups.

The slate also aims to promote state and city relations. The pair wants to increase the presence of the MSA president at the state capital and grow the relationship between the Campus and Community Relations Committee and City Council.

Stockton and Gulati also plan on working with city officials and CCRC to modernize Rock Quarry Road and improving the safety of students traveling to campus.

Edited by Emily Gallion | egallion@themaneater.com

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