J school brings back alumni magazine

The magazine has been on hiatus for the past five years.

The School of Journalism will once again have an alumni magazine, starting this semester. The magazine will be published online, but a print magazine is being considered for next semester.

The magazine has been on hiatus for five years. In the past there were not a sufficient amount of people to work on the publication.

“It was always the plan to resume the publication, it was just a matter of having the adequate resources to work on it,” said Suzette Heiman, professor and director of planning and communications at the J school.

Heiman is the faculty editor of the magazine and is working alongside student editor and magazine journalism graduate student Amy Brachmann.

The Journalism Alumni Magazine is a way to keep alumni connected with the university, Heiman said.

“It will have news about what is happening here at the school and features on alumni,” Heiman said. “It is a way to keep alumni up to date with what is happening here.”

The J school will also use the magazine to endorse the school.

“It is a promotional tool to keep the alumni updated with what is going on at the journalism school and to keep them supporting and aware of what we are doing,” Brachmann said. “We want to keeping a network and community going.”

Students from Heiman’s public relations writing class have each been assigned a story in the magazine. Other journalism students are contributing to the magazine as part of an independent study.

“We are working completely from the start,” Brachmann said. “We are involved in each step of the publication, from how we want it to look, to the writing, to the editing and to putting out a finished project. It’s kind of cool to work from start to finish.”

Chelsea Reynolds, a master’s candidate with an emphasis in magazine research and media effects, is contributing feature-length stories, slideshows, photos and other content to the magazine.

“I have never actively worked on a digital publication before, at least one that wasn't supplemented by a print edition, so thinking about Web readability and appropriateness of certain formatting has been interesting,” Reynolds said in an e-mail. “For instance, whereas a photo montage with an accompanying long-form story could be effective for a print publication, a slide show with two-sentence blurbs would work better online.”

Although the magazine is directly targeted at journalism alumni, it is also relevant to students.

“It is always good for students to know what is going on at the school and it is always interesting to know what other alumni are doing,” Brachmann said. “(The magazine) can lead to network opportunities or simply help students stay current with what is happening in journalism.”

Promotional post cards will be mailed to the alumni database. The post cards will include a cover layout and the Web address of the magazine.

The alumni magazine is another way the J school is staying current, Brachmann said.

“We are keeping alumni informed on why Mizzou continues to have the best J School in the country,” Brachmann said.

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