JSO raises funds through Hillel-a-thon

The annual event raised over $10,000 for Mizzou Hillel and JSO last year.

The Jewish Student Organization is holding its annual Hillel-a-thon fundraiser from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Mizzou Hillel each night from Monday through Thursday to collect donations to fund the organization’s programs.

Hillel-a-thon consists of people coming into Mizzou Hillel and making phone calls to previous donors and organizations JSO and Mizzou Hillel have worked with in the past. JSO Treasurer David Feldman said Hillel-a-thon is the largest source of funding for JSO and Mizzou Hillel.

“Without Hillel-a-thon, we’re not going to have enough money for our programming,” Feldman said. “We really depend on this.”

Feldman said Hillel-a-thon will be held for an extra day this year due to its proximity to the end of Homecoming weekend.

“We have an extra day because with Homecoming, we wanted to make sure that we got at least four good days,” he said.

Hillel-a-thon collected over $10,000 for JSO and Mizzou Hillel last year. JSO President Sherman Fabes said JSO’s alumni support is critical to the organization’s funding.

“It’s a huge benefit to JSO,” Fabes said. “Without the support of our alumni, we have no programming.”

JSO Vice President Emily Shyken said the money from Hillel-a-thon goes toward all of JSO and Mizzou Hillel’s programming expenses.

“We’re just trying to raise money for our programming to pay for our student programs, like laser tagging, ice skating and paying for student programs, as well as Shabbat dinners,” she said.

Fabes said Hillel-a-thon allows both past and present JSO members to keep in touch.

“It’s a small world,” Fabes said. “Everybody knows somebody. I just called the ex-president from 2002 and she was like, ‘Yeah, call me back any time you want to talk,’ and I’ll take her up on that. Anything to help out JSO and Hillel is tremendous. It really is.”

Those who come in to make calls are paid $5 per hour for their help, and there are additional cash prizes. Feldman said $25 extra will be awarded to the person who collects the most donations, the most money and works the most hours.

JSO is looking for around 10 workers to come in every night. Feldman said a lot of the manpower for Hillel-a-thon comes from the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi sorority.

“We have a lot of connections with AEPi so we can get some guys there,” Feldman said. “Sometimes we can get some of the pledges to come down and make phone calls for us, so a lot of the brothers come out. Guys who need some extra cash will come down and do phone calls as well.”

Students interested in helping JSO with Hillel-a-thon can come to Mizzou Hillel any night until Thursday. Fabes said Hillel-a-thon is a great time for students to come to Mizzou Hillel and help the organization.

“Come on out the next few nights,” Fabes said. “There are incentives if you do come out. There are raffles for gift cards, and there’s so much food. Come on out and have fun. It’s just having a nice time, and it helps Hillel out.”

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