Jungle attendance remains low

MSA plans to increase promotion for the tailgate space before the next home game .
Missouri Students Association senator Monique White tailgates with friends and family prior to the football game Saturday at The Jungle. MSA hosts The Jungle as a  way for students to tailgate before home football games.

Despite policy changes, The Jungle saw numbers consistent with previous tailgates' low attendance Saturday.

The day of the home game against Miami of Ohio marked the first time any student could reserve spots, regardless of whether they were affiliated with a student organization.

“Attendance is not where we want it, but it’s an improvement,” Missouri Students Association President Tim Noce said.

Of the roughly 50 spots available for students to reserve, five were occupied Saturday. Noce said the number of spots reserved is not necessarily the best indicator of actual attendance. At the first tailgate Sept. 11, ten of the spots were filled.

“Individual students did show up,” Noce said. “The policy changes didn’t hurt.”

In addition to opening The Jungle to more students, MSA has also adjusted other policies aimed at improving attendance. At previous Jungle tailgates, student groups were not allowed to bring a car into the tailgate, but now one car is permitted per group.

Ben Hansen, MSA Department of Student Activities director, said MSA has had little time to market The Jungle effectively due to MU hosting three home games in a row.

“Since the rules have been changed, there’s been very little time to get the news out,” Hansen said. “Now we’re going to have more time for student feedback.”

MSA also plans to implement further policy change.

“We want to promote it more, get out the word,” Noce said. “We plan to make it free and try to do a lot of things. This is something students have been asking for.”

To do so, MSA is assembling a student steering committee that will discuss issues such as marketing and policy.

“We’re putting together a student committee for The Jungle,” Noce said. “We want students who are passionate about this in order to get a foundation.”

MSA remains optimistic about the future of The Jungle. Hansen said he expects to see attendance improve with more time to promote it.

“(Saturday’s attendance) has been consistent with past tailgates,” he said. “It’s good that it’s consistent. There are constantly new people coming.”

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