Jungle reservations opened for students

The new policy is effective Saturday.
Nick Comotto and Kirk Dryer, students in the School of Law and members of the Student Bar Association, enjoy a game of ladder golf at The Jungle tailgating spot Saturday. The student-only tailgating area is located next to Stankowski Field and opened prior to the Tigers' first home football game.

Beginning Saturday, The Jungle tailgating lot will be open to any student who wishes to reserve a spot, rather than being limited to student organizations.

“After meeting with administrators and police, we are able to open the event for anyone to reserve a space,” said Ben Hansen, Missouri Students Association Director of Student Activities and one of the event's main coordinators.

Originally, only student organizations were able to reserve a tailgating spot in The Jungle. With the previous restrictions lifted, students are encouraged to reserve a space to tailgate where they can bring tables, chairs, tents and grills.

“We want students to have a fun and safe place to go,” MSA President Tim Noce said. “We want to get students to tailgate even if they’re not in organizations.”

Hansen said there will be ten tents available for public use. They will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. There will also be a limit of one car per group that will be allowed to park on the north and west sides of the lot.

Department of Student Communications Director Victoria Craig said she wanted to correct some false rumors regarding the tailgate she heard, including the supposed no alcohol policy.

“You can have alcohol if you are over the age of 21,” she said.

MU Police Department officers will be around the tailgating site to make sure things do not get out of hand, Noce said.

To promote the new tailgating guidelines, Craig said signs will be posted and the MSA website will be updated. During the tailgate, handbills will be given out to people passing by with instructions about how to reserve a spot in The Jungle.

These new policies will go into effect for Saturday’s game against Miami University of Ohio. The Jungle opens at 9 a.m.

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