Kathleen Kowalsky to head Truman’s Closet

Kowalsky plans to expand the program beyond business attire.
The Missouri Students Association has selected sophomore Kathleen Kowalsky to be the coordinator of Truman's Closet. The program, which opens Oct. 2, will allow students, faculty and staff to borrow business and everyday attire.

Sophomore Kathleen Kowalsky will become the coordinator for the Missouri Students Association’s latest project, Truman’s Closet.

Truman’s Closet is an on-campus resource that will allow students and faculty to acquire business attire for interviews, presentations and other circumstances.

“It’s a large time commitment, so that’s the first thing I thought of, but honestly, this is how I want to get involved with MU,” Kowalsky said. “I really want to help our student body progress, and so when (Director of Student Services Sean Joy) came to me with this position, I knew I couldn’t turn down this amazing opportunity.”

Kowalasky was originally slated to be chosen alongside the remainder of the program’s executive board. Her appointment has led to some confusion concerning how other roles will be filled in the future.

“Some people have heard the news, and they’re asking, ‘Can we still apply?’ And yes, we just wanted Kathleen to be there to make those decisions,” Joy, who has overseen the program, said.

Applications for inventory chair, education chair, volunteer chair and public relations chair will be due at noon Sunday.

Truman’s Closet will hold interviews early next week for prospective applicants, with positions to be named shortly thereafter.

Chosen for her persistence and prior contributions, Kowalsky was described as a model of how a student can get involved at MU.

“Kathleen had come to me a few times in this past year with a lot of ideas,” Joy said. “Nick and I thought Kathleen had the best knowledge and right attitude that she needed to be the first coordinator of the closet.”

Although the program does not launch until Oct. 2, Kowalsky already has a number of ideas for the program and how she will help it expand in the future.

Kowalsky said she had the idea to expand Truman’s Closet from just lending business attire to lending all types of clothing.

“I think it would be great to implement here at MU because not everyone can just go out and buy new clothes all the time, and it would be nice to have something on campus easily accessible and that everyone can utilize,” Kowalsky said.

People within MSA are looking for students to get involved with Truman’s Closet for reasons other than a paycheck.

“(Kowalsky) won’t be paid for the position,” MSA President Nick Droege said. “Tiger Pantry’s director is not paid for the position. The people that are working on these projects, we hope they’re doing them for the service aspect of it. I think we’re going to stick with not paying the position.”

Kowalsky was also chosen for the time she has left at MU.

“As far as term, we’re offering it to her indefinitely, until she makes that decision to step down or select a new coordinator or director,” Droege said. “Because she is only a sophomore, she’ll be here for a couple more years, which I think is important because she’ll be here to really shape the program.”

Kowalsky, a textile and apparel management student, is already beginning to shape the program as it prepares to open this autumn.

“She is ready to go,” Joy said. “She is already on top of things and already dedicated, which I am very excited about. I really want to see her make a mark on our campus and do something that will really benefit our students.”

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