LBC aims to motivate members, increase participation

A new executive board hopes to increase productivity.
The Legion of Black Collegians hold their first meeting of the semester Wednesday at the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center. The group outlined a variety of goals including improving membership and retention rates as well as increasing its political prominence on campus.

The Legion of Black Collegians held its first Senate meeting in the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center on Wednesday to discuss the organization’s goals for the year.

Various members of the LBC Senate Executive Board said improving member retention was among the organization’s highest priorities this year.

“We really had a problem with retention,” Political Chairwoman Whitney Williams said. “We want people who are going to come to our Senate meetings and really want to be here and make changes and be a part of something big.”

Williams said there were issues last year with members coming to Senate meetings but not getting actively involved with the organization.

“We had people who were coming but they were just bodies in the wind,” Williams said. “This year we really want to try and crack down and get some people who want to be here.”

Vice President Cidney King also said last year’s membership numbers were a problem.

“One of the problems last year was that we didn’t have the numbers of people that we usually like,” King said. “We’re trying to make sure we have enough people in the organization to actually do what we want to see happening.”

King said membership activity was something the organization was striving to improve in the coming year.

“Last year we had problems with retention rates and actually having people participate and bring things to the table to make change,” King said. “This year we’ve come up with a new method of how we’re going to have our senators and how LBC is going to work as a whole.”

President Lisa White said LBC will plan activities around the organization’s theme for the year.

“We have a theme for this year that we’ll try to bring from now until the end of this school year,” White said. “It’s to promote ‘Love, Leadership and Learning.’ With those three things we’re going to hold programs and different events.”

LBC’s annual yearbook, the Big 12 Book, will follow the "Three L’s theme," Communications Chairwoman Ashley Edwards said.

“With the Big 12 Book we have a new theme: ‘Love, Leadership and Learning,’” Edwards said. “I really want to focus on that. I really want that to be evident on each page of our book.”

In addition to improving the internal structure of the LBC Senate, the organization is planning to maintain solid relationships with other minority groups on campus through the Black Leadership Alliance, Williams said.

“One of the major things that LBC is able to do is help out our umbrella organizations with manpower, funding and co-programming,” Williams said. “Every few weeks or so we’ll have a meeting with all of the presidents of our umbrella organizations and we’ll get together to discuss future events.”

With a fresh new year ahead of LBC, King said the organization is aiming to be more productive than in the past.

“We just want to make sure that our senators are actually committed to us and that we’re actually passing legislation and able to do things on a bigger scale,” King said.

Williams echoed the same idea during her report for the Political Committee.

“We’re going to be more politically active on campus,” Williams said. “We’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.”

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