LBC continues Black Love Week events

MU graduate Hassan Williams was among one of the speakers.

The Legion of Black Collegians’ Black Love Week continues with events that draw in other minority groups across campus.

The organization hosted an event Tuesday called “Do You Love You?: Self-Hate in the Black Community,” featuring guest speaker Hadeel Ramadan. Ramadan recited poems she wrote or was inspired by and led a workshop encouraging others to write and recite their own poetry.

Activities Committee Chairman Jeffery Perkins said Ramadan is a California-based educator who was on the HBO show “Brave New Voices,” where she recited poetry.

The organization showed the film “Pariah” on Wednesday, a movie about a young lesbian in the black community. The LGBTQ Resource Center and Queer People of Color cosponsored the event. The movie was also featured as part of Pride Month on the LGBTQ website, which brought more people to the event.

Kristen Temple, who works for Residential Life, said she’s come to many of the movies shown this year and was interested in this one because it was associated with Pride Month.

Thursday’s event was “What Does Black Love Mean to You?” in the Multicultural Center. MU graduate Hassan Williams spoke at the event.

Williams said he has done several speeches at MU focusing on social activism and self-love since he graduated in December.

Williams said when Perkins and LBC President Greer Relphorde asked him to speak about black love, he didn’t know where to begin.

“I don’t think about it often, but it’s always there,” Williams said.

LBC will host an event called “My Black Love is…” in the Student Center, having students write on posters to express what their black love is, Perkins said.

LBC Activities Committee members said the week was exciting for them.

Perkins said this week is sentimental to him because it is his last big event in the position.

“(The week) is going really great,” Perkins said. “I am enjoying it.”

Freshman Activities Committee member Dionna Williams said she is enjoying the week and plans to be involved in the future. Williams said the best part of the week has been promoting the events and getting people involved.

Renita Holder said she is also thinking of being involved in the future. She said the best part of the week has been watching people enjoy themselves.

Perkins said everyone is welcome to attend the events.

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