Editorial: Letter from the editors: The Maneater will publish online for the duration of the semester

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and MU's move to remote coursework, we will be conducting all reporting and editing online.
The Maneater will continue uploading remotely online. Emily Mann

Dear readers,

COVID-19 has presented our world with many unexpected challenges. We have felt these challenges at The Maneater, at MU and within all of our home communities. Since the UM System announcement that classes would be online for the remainder of the semester on Friday, March 13, we have been pretty quiet. It was our goal to give our staff ample time to get to a safe place during this pandemic as well as determine a plan for our updated newsroom operations. We thank you for your patience these past couple of weeks. Although things are changing, it is still our goal to provide our readers with information and our staff with opportunities.

We will continue newsroom operations remotely for the rest of the semester. Our stories will be published on our website and posted on our social media pages. Unfortunately, we will no longer be producing paper or e-editions.

It is of upmost importance that we continue to inform our readers while ensuring the health and safety of our staff. We look forward to providing you with coverage for the rest of the semester.


Leah Glasser and Maureen Dunne Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor of The Maneater

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