Major-Paterson no longer on MSA presidential ballot

The slate did not provide 500 valid signatures.

The adventure of Major-Paterson’s run for Missouri Students Association president and vice president has come to an end.

The Board of Elections Commissioners notified juniors Taylor Major and Dan Paterson that they will no longer be on the MSA presidential ballot Tuesday.

The decision was made after the BEC received notice that the slate did not submit 500 eligible signatures at the beginning of the campaign period.

The signatures were due Oct. 10, when the slates submitted their candidacies.

BEC Chairman David Wettroth said he provided the signatures for verification to the Registrar Office last week.

“I wanted to get them in earlier but I had midterms and other things happening that prevented that from happening,” Wettroth wrote in a text message to The Maneater.

The slate had 500 signatures, but some were invalid, Wettroth said. The slate needed at least 24 more valid signatures to be on the ballot, he said.

Wettroth said he notified the slate about the signature discrepancy Thursday, Oct. 31, and gave the slate 48 hours to provide the replacement signatures, as per the MSA bylaws chapter 5.10 E and the BEC handbook.

On Monday, Nov. 4, the slate did not provide the necessary replacement signatures. Wettroth said he and the BEC vice chairmen met and discussed the situation, after which the BEC decided to not place Major-Paterson on the ballot.

Paterson said he had no comment.

Major was unavailable for comment.

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