Mark Twain hall suffers temporary power outage

The last time an MU residence hall lost power was in 2009.

Mark Twain residence hall lost power for about two hours, spanning across late Sunday night and early Monday morning. The outage was the first loss of power in an MU residence hall since 2009.

Power went out at 11:57 p.m. Sunday and resumed function at 1:56 a.m. Monday morning. The issue was related to a problem with the neighboring MU power plant.

“It was an electric fault that occurred in a high voltage switch,” Campus Facilities spokeswoman Karlan Seville said.

Campus Facilities Energy Management staff responded to the problem.

“We have staff on the schedule 24 hours a day because they operate the power plant, so they know whenever there’s an outage,” Seville said. “They call in the right people to fix the job.”

The standard procedure during power outages is for the energy management’s team to contact Residential Life and Campus Dining Service, Seville said. It is then their job to notify contact students, if necessary.

Seville said power outages are rare on campus.

“We have a very good system in place,” she said.

The 2009 residence hall power outage occurred when southwest housing lost power for an hour and a half during the football game against Nebraska.

That power outage extended into other parts of campus, including Memorial Stadium. According to Maneater archives, the power outage lasted from 6:52 p.m. to 7:06 p.m.

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