McCaskill visits MU, holds discussion with students

McCaskill’s stop, which marks the fifth in a tour through Missouri colleges, focused on bipartisan efforts in Congress and her thoughts on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
On Sept. 11, 2018, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill visited MU to discuss her efforts in the November midterms. Becca Newton

Sen. Claire McCaskill thinks Missouri’s Senate race in 2018 may come down to the hundreds.

“I will not be shocked if this election is decided by the number of people in this room,” McCaskill said to nearly 100 attendees.

McCaskill said this during a Sept. 11 voter registration drive and rally at Jesse Wrench Auditorium. McCaskill also spoke on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the issue of bipartisanship in her conversation with students, which was held in coordination with Mizzou Democrats.

McCaskill’s visit to MU, where she encouraged students to volunteer for her campaign, is the fifth stop on a tour throughout colleges in Missouri, according to her campaign’s Twitter. She has also visited Truman State University, UMKC, Missouri State University and UMSL.

When asked about her opinion on Kavanaugh’s appointment, McCaskill said she was not prepared to make a decision, as she is still reviewing documents on the judge.

“As soon as I get through all [Kavanaugh’s] documents, and I’ve reviewed his questions for the record, I’ll announce my decision and I’ll have to explain it,” McCaskill said. “No matter what I do, it’s not great. A lot of people will be upset, which kind of frees me up to do the right thing. Welcome to representing Missouri.”

Sophomore and registered Republican Ben Ridder, who is undecided on who to vote for in the Senate race, said he felt obligated to hear what McCaskill had to say.

“Something that I fully believe is super important to our democracy is, whether you agree or not, is just to listen,” Ridder said. “Whether it was Claire McCaskill or Josh Hawley, I wanted to come out here today and listen to what they truly had to say.”

Ridder, who posed two questions to the senator throughout the conversation, remains undecided, but said he is impressed with McCaskill’s voting record.

“While I know Claire does have a decent record of bipartisanship, there’s a lot of bills in the Senate that can go through with 90-something votes,” Ridder said. “How many were against sexual trafficking, and things most of us can agree with?”

Sophomore Trey Cook said he attended the event because he believes McCaskill works to be bipartisan.

“Her message of working together, and being a moderate, I think that’s really important,” Cook said. “Especially today, because we’re so polarized on either side of the aisle.”

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