Meet the Presidents day encourages students to get involved

Attendance was sparse, due to a “disappointing” last-minute move of the event’s location

Representatives of some of MU’s largest student organizations gathered in Tiger Plaza on Sept. 24, for Meet the Presidents Day, an event intended to give students an opportunity to meet student leaders and get involved in their organizations.

“It’s really just a way to increase visibility,” said junior Polly Haun, a senator for the Missouri Students Association.

Haun tabled for MSA at the event.

Lane Adams, the chief justice in the judicial branch of the Residence Halls Association, said he attended for similar reasons. However, he said that the event’s success was hampered by a last-minute move from the Francis Quadrangle.

The resulting sparse attendance, he said, was disappointing for an event with the goal of increasing participation and engagement.

“We were hoping it was in a more high-traffic area,” Adams said.

RHA, which is the second largest student organization at MU, serves as a student government for those living in the Residence Halls and oversees the constitutions that govern the halls.

Adams said he wanted to encourage students, especially freshmen, to participate in RHA by attending meetings and talking to their residential hall representatives about what they wanted to see in the residence halls.

“We can get that started for them,” he said.

Haun said MSA currently has a high level of student engagement. However, the organization is always looking to encourage more students to attend its open meetings, which serve as forums for discussion for “all types of student issues” that anyone can participate in.

MSA supports several smaller organizations, called auxiliaries, such as KCOU radio station and MUTV, that aim to represent student interests to MU administration and the media.

Haun said MSA participated in Meet the Presidents Day event because it tries to include students from “all walks of campus life.”

“We just want all students’ voices to be heard,” Haun said.

The Missouri International Student Council was one organization in attendance that so far hasn’t enjoyed such a high degree of participation.

MISC serves as an umbrella organization for smaller groups that focus on international students, but the events they host welcome students from the U.S. as well.
MISC Director of Publicity Anka Idris and Activity Manager Yuexin Qian, the student leaders who attended Meet the Presidents Day, said they had hoped that it would be a way to get the word out about their upcoming events, which include an International Sports Day and a march in the Homecoming Parade.

“We want to help people step out of their comfort zone and learn more about American culture,” Qian said about her goals for MISC’s future.

Other organizations that participated included the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Association, the Graduate Professional Council and the African Students Association.

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