Midnight breakfast launches homecoming celebrations

Mizzou After Dark and Greek Life continued the Almost Midnight Breakfast tradition.
Freshman Jacob Waidmann gets gravy for his biscuits during the Almost Midnight Breakfast on Thursday in Greektown. The event was one of the first Homecoming activities and offered eggs, sausage and hash browns at 10 p.m.

In anticipation of the Homecoming festivities, Mizzou After Dark and the Office of Greek Life worked together to host their fourth annual Almost Midnight Breakfast on campus.

The event took place from 10 p.m. to midnight Thursday at the intersection of Richmond Ave. and Burnam Road.

“What we do is hand out breakfast in the middle of Greektown,” said Lauren Karr, student services coordinator of the Department of Student Life.

The event was free to MU students with a valid student ID and $5 for the general public. Eggs, sausage, biscuits, gravy and soda were provided.

“The Greek community is working so hard for the Homecoming,” Karr said. “It’s just the time for them to take one last breath before homecoming starts.”

She said the event is not limited to members of fraternities and sororities: Every student at MU is welcome.

“We want to stress that we would love everyone to come out,” Karr said.

MU Greek Life Director Janna Basler said Student Life Assistant Director Kathy Murray came up with the idea of having an Almost Midnight Breakfast.

“MAD (Mizzou After Dark) really are the brains behind the event and do an amazing job,” Murray said in an e-mail. “Our (the Greek Life) role is to help promote the event and support them in whatever way they need.”

Karr said Mizzou After Dark is the alternative for students who don’t want to go out but also don’t want to go home on a Friday night.

Normally, Mizzou After Dark holds events on Friday nights.

“We pushed it back to Thursday,” Karr said. “We won’t do something this weekend and just want to make sure that people have time to go to it (Homecoming).”

She said she looks at the event as a start to the Homecoming traditions.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with the Alumni Association, the official Homecoming event that they have, but we would like to think that it’s part of the Homecoming now,” Karr said.

Truman, MU's official mascot, will be at the Almost Midnight Breakfast this year. This will be Truman’s first time attending the event.

“Halloween is right around the corner,” Karr said. “You can dress up Truman, dress up yourselves and take a picture with them.”

Karr said about 700 to 1,000 students stopped by in the previous years, and she expects to have more than 800 students participated this year.

“Once you go to bed tonight, it’s going to be Homecoming when you get up,” Karr said.

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