Missouri Students Association plans to create council tailored for incoming freshmen

The council will serve as a way for freshmen to get leadership experience prior to entering MSA
The Freshman Council, a new branch of MSA, will include up to 20 students of this years incoming freshman class. Courtesy of MSA

The Missouri Students Association is creating a council for incoming freshmen. It will consist of up to 20 students and they will apply before being considered for appointment. Only incoming freshmen can be involved with the council.

MSA has already released applications.

The council will serve as a way for freshmen to get leadership experience prior to entering MSA as an at large or academic senator.

The application asks students what area of leadership they’re interested in, as well as high school involvement and why they are interested in joining MSA.

“We don’t have a perfect candidate in mind, we are looking for a diverse group of people,” Senate Speaker Jacob Addington said. “Past leadership experience, things like that, those aren’t really things we’re dead set on. We are looking for people who will learn and become those future leaders here at Mizzou.”

Students can currently take a chancellor’s leadership class as a method for gaining leadership experience, but this council will provide experience that is MSA focused.

“We’re trying to give them the best skills that we can and equip them in the best way possible to become the future leaders of MSA,” Addington said.

The goal of this council is that the participants will eventually run for an academic seat in Senate. However, unlike a standard MSA Senate seat, the council will be a targeted class to learn the inner-workings of MSA and student government. MSA is still deciding whether the council will have voting power in Senate.

The idea for the council came from the need for freshmen input, as well as the fact that many other universities have councils for freshmen.

MSA members said they feel that having a freshman council is a good way to ensure that new MSA members are prepared and eager to work in the Association.

“We feel this will be a good way to bring in qualified and eager freshmen, while helping them grow their leadership skills,” Senate Communications Director Abigail Shaw said. “The main goal is grow a new batch of leaders to lead MSA in the future and we hope this council will continue to do just that well after current MSA members have graduated.”

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