Mizzou Market in Pershing Commons reopens for fall semester

Despite continued construction on Pershing Commons, the market reopened for students Aug. 12.
Mizzou Market on Hitt Street is now open for business. Although parts of the store are still under construction and hours are limited, the store will be completely open by Monday, Sept. 3.

Mizzou Market on Hitt Street, which closed March 23, has just recently reopened.

"Our original goal was to have Mizzou Market open for the Fall 2012 semester," said Michael Wuest, the marketing manager for Campus Dining Services.

Mizzou Market has been open since Aug. 12.

 "Now the challenge we face is getting the students, faculty and staff back in the habit of visiting again,” Wuest said.

Although the Pershing Commons building will still have construction projects throughout the semester, Wuest said he hopes students and staff will realize Mizzou Market is open.

"Mizzou Market (at Hitt Street) is a great complement to the dining locations we have across campus," Wuest said. "You have a great place to dine when you're hungry or if you want to bring items back to your residence hall, office or home."

With such a wide range of products available for anyone interested, Wuest said Mizzou Market proves to be a beneficial business on campus.

"We accept E.Z. Charge, cash, debit and credit," Wuest said. "There are over 8,000 items … from personal care to magazines to snacks and beverages."

As students begin to familiarize themselves with this new campus offering, the proximity to the residence halls becomes a critical factor in their choice of dining location.

"(The market) is relatively close to my dorm," freshman student Breonna Clemons said. "This place is very convenient."

She had only one criticism of the market.

"They might need to work on the scenery outside of the eating area," Clemons said.

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