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Gallery: MizzouThon has another record year

A collection of the photos from our live coverage of the dance marathon.

MizzouThon had another record year, raising $276,664.11 for the MU Children's Hospital. Last year, the organization raised $201,322.68.

Students have been working since August to raise money. Their fundraising efforts culminated March 12 with a 13.1-hour dance marathon that celebrates the lives of the pediatric patients of the MU Children’s Hospital or “Miracle Kids."

The dance was in the Student Recreation Complex and complete with games, food, and a DJ. Throughout the day and into the evening, participants danced “For the Kids,” and honored miracle children and their families as the marathon went on.

Most of the crowd was comprised of about 1,000 dancers who’d fundraised in order to participate. At the end of the event, which was around 1 a.m., MizzouThon leadership proudly revealed the amount of money they raised. Written by Jennifer Fowler

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