MLK Event Quotes - Tuesday


CQs Sophomore Cavelli Thompson, Industrial Engineering Major

Charlie Parker, Chancellor's Diversity Initiative Coordinator of Diversity Programs

Thomas A. Trabue Trabue, Hansen & Hinshaw, inc. Consulting Engineers

Ana Compain-Romero Director of University Affairs

Junior Connie Housley Journalism Major

Sophomore Jeremy Herrin

"His legacy, not just as a single person, but what he stood for, is important for us to carry on. His legacy is the belief in equality for all people, all generations. I think his legacy is a very forward one that applies very much today...I think Mizzou does an amazing job infiltrating the culture with the ideals of equality, acceptance and respect. I think we've gotten past the point of tolerance and moved on to mutual respect for our fellow Tigers."

  • Charlie Parker Chancellors Diversity Initiative Coordinator of Diversity Programs

"His legacy has changed our world over the past 50 years and that's what we've seen with these past two generations, positive rewards."

  • Thomas A. Trabue Principal of THHinc Consulting Engineers Volunteer for the Columbia Chamber of Commerce

"Many leaders at MU live by the words of Dr. King and lead by example. I think it's quite wonderful to have a unique closeness to the newest national monument... For me, Dr. King's legacy is his quest for tolerance, acceptance and peace in a multicultural society."

  • Ana Compain-Romero Director of University Affairs

"To me, it's about breaking barrier and traditions, and that change can happen if something is worthwhile. The monument will not be static but a source of news for rights movements and a reminder of how things were. "

  • Sophomore Jeremy Herrin

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