MSA adviser Farouk Aregbe to step down from his position after a decade with MSA

Aregbe’s last day as MSA advisor will be March 4.

Missouri Students Association adviser Farouk Aregbe announced that he will be stepping down from his position in during an MSA committee meeting Feb. 16. Aregbe, who has fulfilled the role of MSA adviser for the past 10 years, will leave MSA next month to become a manager for Academic Retention Services at MU.

“After a decade of working with some of the most amazing students from MSA, STRIPES, Tiger Pantry, Truman’s Closet, MUTV, KCOU and ASUM, it is extremely difficult to leave,” Argebe said in an email.

Aregbe came to MU in 2006 and was MSA’s first official advisor. During his time in MSA, Aregbe oversaw many different aspects of MU’s undergraduate student government and its auxiliaries and became an integral part of MSA.

Despite the fact that he will be leaving after March 4, Aregbe said he doesn’t plan on being “a stranger,” and that he is also looking forward to working with students in a different capacity.

“I find comfort in knowing that my work — though on the north-side of Ellis Library — will continue to impact the everyday lives of students,” Aregbe said.

Aregbe said that the details of an interim advisor are still being worked out.

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