MSA candidates focus on improving student, campus life

Platform ideas range from increasing STRIPES funding to creating a "Homecoming 2.0."

Although the three Missouri Students Association presidential candidates have distinct platforms, each slate deals with certain goals aimed to improve student and campus life.


Eric Woods and Emily Moon’s plan to improve student and campus life revolves around adding a student to the Chancellor’s Standing Committee on Student Conduct, hosting events for students on campus and improving the STRIPES facility.

While serving as MSA Student Court Chief Justice, Woods worked on adding a student to the Student Conduct Committee. He said putting a student on the committee would benefit students because it would ensure someone in their age group has input regarding the punishments students should receive.

“It would be good to have another student’s perspective available so punishment wouldn’t be decided just by professors,” Woods said.

Woods said the majority of MSA’s money goes to the Department of Student Activities. Because of this, Woods said he would like to see that money be used to sponsor more events.

“DSA already does a lot of great things, and we want to keep that tradition going,” Woods said. “We want to find out who students want to see and bring them to campus.”

Woods said he would also like to help other student organizations like Sustain Mizzou and the Residence Halls Association with their own events.

He said he would like to work with STRIPES and the administration to get them a new facility as well as more funding, cars and volunteers.

“STRIPES is a great program and it’d be good to expand it,” Woods said. “We just need effective advocacy to get the facility and resources it needs.”

Woods said he would also like to help STRIPES set up an endowment so they could work toward being self-sustainable.


Josh Travis and Michelle Horan’s campaign aims to foster the “Mizzou Family” and create a Homecoming 2.0.

According to the Travis-Horan platform, the “Mizzou Family” is a message that would start on day one of freshman year, illustrating the Tiger bond students share.

The Mizzou Family aims to foster camaraderie between students and carry on the togetherness that is felt during gameday, MSA vice presidential candidate Michelle Horan said.

The platform states the feeling of belonging that students feel on football gamedays should not and does not end with the game; it lives on each day in the Mizzou family.

Travis and Horan also plan to further foster the Mizzou Family by creating a Homecoming 2.0.

“Homecoming 2.0 is a revamped version of homecoming that is more inclusive of all students,” Horan said. “It will make homecoming bigger and better.”

Travis and Horan have worked with the Homecoming Steering Committee to hold a concert on the Carnahan Quadrangle featuring student bands during Homecoming 2.0. The concert would be a huge celebration, Horan said.


Ben Hansen said he and running mate Kaitlin Oxenreider plan to increase the level of student awareness of campus programs through improvements made to the Student Life website that will give students detailed information about student organizations and campus-wide events and programs, among other things.

“I believe that interactions between students and Student Life begin with marketing and the internet,” Hansen said. “Kaitlin and I will ensure that Student Life fulfills its obligation to create an informative and easily navigable website.”

Hansen also said his slate plans to renovate the MSA website.

“We will also work with the MSA website to have online applications, deadlines and descriptions so students can easily learn about MSA without having to track down one of its representatives,” Hansen said.

Hansen said making entertainment and concerts bigger and more successful is another goal the slate has.

“I'm interested in the international music festival that my department is beginning to plan for the spring that aims to combine diversity of music and culture with awareness of community and the environment,” he said.

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