MSA discontinues fund-matching for KCOU, MUTV

The new legislation says MSA will match up to $20,000 for each outlet.
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According to Missouri Students Association legislation passed last week, both KCOU/88.1 FM and MUTV/Channel 23 will not have their fundraising of the past year matched by MSA for fiscal year 2011 as originally proposed.

KCOU and MUTV would need $78,103 from MSA to adequately match the funds raised by their own efforts. The Contingency and Reserve fund has $81,063, but MSA Vice President Danielle Bellis said MSA could only provide $70,000 since it needs to leave some money in the fund for emergency situations.

"It was worded we would match them dollar for dollar up to $20,000," Bellis said. "We're matching over $20,000 a year, but we couldn't match them dollar for dollar."

The legislation states during fiscal year 2010, KCOU has raised $24,730 and MUTV has raised $53,373. From the allocated $70,000 of Contingency and Reserve funds, MSA will be allotting 32 percent to the KCOU equipment reserve and 68 percent to the MUTV equipment reserve. KCOU has costs in the range of $140,100 for a series of station improvements and MUTV has approximate total costs of $364,814.09.

"KCOU has received grants/funding totaling $109,464.54 as of April 27, 2010," the legislation states. "MUTV has received grants/funding totaling $148,746 as of April 27, 2010."

Bellis said MSA was doing the best it could to provide for its auxiliaries.

"We didn't fall short or misbudget," Bellis said. "We just didn't have what was needed."

According to the legislation, KCOU's fundraising plans for the future involve the creation of a membership program as well as a continued emphasis on events aimed at promoting campus participation. MUTV plans to raise money through the City of Columbia Resource Fund as well as the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning grant.

Although MSA could not provide an exact funding match for their auxiliaries, spokespersons from each organization said they were grateful for the money allocated to their stations.

"I'm just grateful that MSA has been matching any of the funding we have raised at all," MUTV General Manager Katy Goodman said in an e-mail. "They already give us a yearly allocation as our budget and because our new studio will cost a great deal more than that allocation, we have been working very hard on finding funding from outside sources as well."

KCOU General Manager Jonathan Hutcheson said MSA did the best they could in the economic environment, and it was perfectly understandable for them to need a padding of emergency funds.

"The fact that we got almost all of our dollar to dollar match is pretty damn good, considering all the budget cuts," Hutcheson said. "They made almost 90 percent of the dollar to dollar match."

Hutcheson said there would always be general discontent surrounding student governments.

"With any student government there's always something to criticize," Hutcheson said. "There's always the one percent that's left out, and that's where criticism comes from."

Bellis said she doesn't anticipate any issues surrounding fund-matching next year and foresees KCOU reaching its goal of raising $140,100 by the fall.

"They made good on their promise as much as they possibly could," Hutcheson said.

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