MSA funds budgeted for movie raises questions

Assistant Director of Campus Activities Kathy Murray is making the movie.

The Missouri Students Association is preparing to audit budgetary funds that were put aside for a movie being produced by Assistant Director of Campus Activities Kathy Murray.

"There was some activity going on that we deemed necessary to look into," MSA President Jordan Paul said.

Paul said through the auditing process, MSA seeks to discover where the allotted funding has gone and if the film has any connection to MSA.

MSA Vice President Colleen Hoffmann noticed money going toward the movie. She said the previous director of student affairs noticed money would be unspent and decided to put it toward the movie, but said MSA is not involved in the production of the movie.

Hoffmann said at this time funding for the film is known to be coming from MSA, the chancellor's office and the College of Engineering.

"We're not sure how much higher up it goes," Hoffmann said in regard to funding for the movie.

Hoffmann said she wasn't sure, but funding and support from the College of Engineering could possibly be related to computer programming needs for the film. The full extent of their involvement is not clear at this time.

Neither the chancellor's office nor the College of Engineering could be reached for comment.

MSA Operations Chairman Josh Travis and Senate Speaker Amanda Shelton will act as the two MSA members involved in the auditing process.

Shelton said collecting the auditing resources would take at least a week. As of Tuesday, the auditing process has yet to begin.

Whether the allocated resources were ever used remains uncertain.

"We don't know if the money was ever spent," Paul said.

Paul explained $1,000 might have been transferred from the MSA budget to the movie production. He speculates the money came from the Department of Student Activities budget and would have been included in the last fiscal year.

MSA maintains about $500,000 within in the DSA budget.

"All of the funding is designated ahead of time for stuff," Paul said. "It's hard for it to leave."

This is the third film of similar nature Murray has worked on, but MSA representatives understand little of the content, purpose or audience of the film.

Hoffmann described the film as similar to a documentary. It is not known by MSA whether the film is related to student affairs.

Murray has thus far been unable to be reached for comment but Hoffmann said in the past, she's been flexible about telling MSA members what's going on with the movie.

As Assistant Director of Campus Activities, Murray holds the position above that of the MSA advisor.

The auditing process is expected to get underway within the next month. Until then, many questions remain unanswered.

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