MSA looks for alternatives for revision

MSA currently has no plans to hold a delayed convention.
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Missouri Students Association leaders are searching for a new way to revise the organization's constitution instead of holding a convention as it has in the past.

The MSA constitutional convention was originally scheduled for Apr. 21 and May 1 and 2, 2010. It was postponed due to scheduling conflicts with leaders of various student groups, and a new date has yet to be set.

Although MSA Act 49-78, passed in 2010, called for a convention to be held that spring, there is no rule that mandates yearly conventions.

MSA President Eric Woods said though he thinks MSA needs to review its constitution, a three-day conference is not necessarily the best way to do so.

"I think the whole process, as it was proposed, would have been inefficient and probably unsuccessful, simply because there would be no outside interest," he said.

The original plan called for delegates from campus organizations to come to the convention with proposed changes to the constitution. MSA Senate Speaker Jake Sloan said he thinks the organization needs to find a more simple revision process.

"We feel that we could accomplish more by not creating a complicated process to receive feedback on the MSA constitution," he said.

Woods said he plans to increase MSA's efforts to reach out to students to receive feedback on what changes should be made.

"We're currently taking steps to increase MSA's outreach operations to students on campus, with an emphasis on student organizations," he said. "I think calling on them to send delegates runs counter to my administration's policy of going to students rather than expecting them to come to us."

Although there is no current plan to hold the convention, Woods said one might take place if the Senate calls for one when it reconvenes in the fall semester.

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