MSA moved to new student center

Multiple other student organizations also moved.
The Missouri Students Association and other organizations have spent the last several days moving into the new student center from A022 Brady Commons. The new area houses an auditorium, lounge and office for most student organizations and auxiliaries.

The Missouri Students Association moved their offices from A022 in the basement of Brady Commons to the second floor of the new student center this week. Files and computers were moved to the new location Monday and Tuesday.

The main advantage of the new workspace is expanded space for senators. MSA Senate brought in four desks specifically for their use.

"The new workspace for the Senate really encourages involvement because it gives us a place to work on MSA-related issues, such as new bills," MSA Senate Speaker Jonathan Mays said.

Academic Affairs committee Vice Chairman Ian Krause said the new space allowed for more communication between senators because of the expanded workstation.

"I can work side-by-side with more senators than the previous office in A022 allowed," Krause said.

MSA President Jordan Paul and Vice President Colleen Hoffmann had their own private offices in A022 and will maintain that in the new office. However, their new offices are larger and more spacious. Members of the executive branch, including the heads of the Student Services, Student Activities and Student Communication departments and the two chiefs of staff, also have an expanded workspace near the rest of the MSA offices.

The new office also provides KCOU, one of MSA's auxiliaries, with new workspace. The student-run radio station, which had no designated workspace in A022, was provided a cubicle near MSA's offices.

"Even though it's just one cubicle, I'm hoping this will give them a little more visibility and improve communication between KCOU and MSA, even if it's informal," Paul said. "Students can now go up there and talk to KCOU or ask them questions if they'd like to."

Paul said the new office is an improvement from A022 in many small ways as well, such as the lighting and the cubicles.

"There are all kinds of bells and whistles the new office has that just make it a nicer space," Paul said. "It helps for recruitment because it looks appealing and gives a better impression to students who come in and visit us."

MSA's offices have resided in A022 in the basement of Brady Commons since 1986, when they moved there from Reed Hall. The Board of Elections Commissioners moved to the new offices on the second floor of the new student center along with MSA this week. The Graduate Professional Council and the Legion of Black Collegians also set up new offices on the floor.

Mays said MSA's working with LBC to give them more space for their new office.

"LBC doesn't have quite the space they'd like to have and so we're giving them some space we don't need," Mays said.

Paul said Thursday was the last day to take items out of A022 to the new office.

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