MSA presidential candidate Sean Earl talks service and involvement

The sophomore electrical engineering major cites his openness as his best leadership quality.

Sean Earl is busy. From volunteering with STRIPES and working as a leadership adviser for the Department of Residential Life, to being a Caring for Columbia site leader and Emerging Leaders Program Peer Facilitator, he loves to give back.

“Even when he has free time he’s helping other people,” said Melody Myers, a coworker of Earl’s from his time in ResLife and a close friend. “He just never stops.”

When he’s not participating in organizations, Earl is exploring the wide variety of restaurants downtown. He loves trying new foods with his friends.

Now, he’s trying something else: running to be president of the Missouri Students Association.

Earl was hooked on MSA since he first met former MSA President Mason Schara at Summer Welcome. He went to an MSA retreat his first weekend at MU and ran in the same at-large election as his vice presidential candidate Tori Schafer. He also has served as secretary of auxiliaries the past two semesters.

Earl studies electrical engineering, which he attributes to his mother bringing him to “take your child to work day” every year. He said she taught him the importance of science and technology and his father taught him the importance of hard work.

He hopes to be involved in the business side of engineering, such as handling contract negotiations for Boeing.

Earl cites his openness to ideas as his best quality as a leader.

“I don’t have to be right all the time,” Earl said. “I think that incorporating different opinions in decision making is really important.”

Earl’s favorite social advocacy leader is Martin Luther King Jr. He said he loves the way he approached peace negotiations. He appreciates the way King listened to the other side and was open to those who he didn’t agree with.

Earl looks to his running mate as his main source of inspiration on campus. They were elected as senators in the same at-large election. “We butted heads at first but we have been great friends ever since,” Earl said.

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